How to take care of a baby chick?

When you have a baby chick that your raising what would be some tips you would give me and some cautions that help me out on taking care of a baby chick?

Thank you

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Aug 16, 2009
by: Linda

If you are talking about a baby parrot, it needs to be fed a baby parrot handfeeding formula which Tracie sells out here. You can feed it either using a syringe or with a very small spoon. The syringe works better because more food and less air gets into the baby's crop.

Handfeeding baby parrots is a "learned" skill in that you will need someone to show you the proper and safe way to do this. It may appear to be easy at first and then once you are ready to do it, issues like aspiration into baby's lungs will come up. Baby's head has to be gently held still, and syringe is one with a tip which is inserted into one side of baby's mouth. You push food in giving baby time to swallow or you will be pushing it into lungs if baby gets choked.Call your Avian Vet and ask them to show you how to do this and have bird checked out for infections and parasites.

Baby softbill birds (the ones outside) can also be fed this baby parrot formula with a syringe. The only problem with them is once you take on the feeding, you must follow through to weaning and you will now be responsible for this bird for the rest of its life. Baby birds outside are taught by their parents how to find food and what foods are safe and which ones are not. Many parent birds push babies on out of nest once they have their feathers so they can begin teaching them how to make their way in the world. This is a situation where you must not interfere. If the baby in question is unfeathered and very small, then it has accidently fallen from nest and will need your help(put it back in nest if you can reach it). If it has feathers, long legs and such, it is most likely being taken care of on the ground by parents. If you move away from a baby like this and watch from afar, you will see the mother working with the chick.

So, if you have a baby parrot or outside song bird feed the baby parrot formula. If you have a baby chicken, go to feed store to get them what they need as they are easier to work with.

Hope this helps you. PS you can also find baby parrot handfeeding formula in local pets stores if you need it right away. Syringes are based on size of baby. Baby Cockatiels need 10cc syringes with tip end on them, and this is after babies are little older. New hatchlings have to be fed with very tiny pipettes every two hours. Older babies who are still small and mostly unfeathered will need about 10cc's 4 times a day. Food has to be warmed up as cold or lukewarm food will make baby parrots sick. Always use yourself as the temperature guage. Just like with a human baby, put some on the delicate inside part of wrist to check temp. If it burns you, it will burn the crop.

Good Luck

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