How to tame a Amazon Parrot

by Alison

I recently purchased a amazon parrot, he used to be so scared of hands you couldn't put your hand near his cage or he would growl, I'm assuming he was treated badly in his last home as when I purchased him he was in a cage about the size of a budgie cage!

He is now in a much larger parrot cage which I bought him and he takes food through the bars of the cage and also sometimes out of my hand when I put my hand in the cage. I would like to start letting him out of his cage but he won't 'step up' yet. He won't come onto my hand so I use a spare perch and he will step on it to get a treat I hold in my other hand occasionaly but other than that he won't step onto it if he isn't bribed or doesn't want to. How can I get him to trust me more?

He is 8months old and speaks ALOT more than when I got him (which was only 2 weeks ago!) Any help/tips would be appreciated, thanks! :)

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Feb 03, 2013
How to tame a Amazon Parrot
by: Linda

I've tamed and trained wild caught Amazons, and your progress is phenominal! I think you are wanting way too much too soon which only causes the bird to become as frustrated as you are. This bird was mistreated, so he or she is called a Rescue bird, and they all come with problems. What you are experiencing is a very loving and very afraid parrot.

Trust takes much more time than two weeks. I also suggest you have him examined by an Avian Vet ONLY right away because along with the abuse comes neglect which usually means health concerns and correct feeding have been ignored.

Have him examined for infections both bacterial and viral and also have some basic bloodwork done to see how his organs are functioning. Liver problems are part of what can happen to a neglected bird, and he is a prime candidate for it.

He needs to be eating a healthy diet of organic pellets and Harrisons is found here and the very best on the market in the US. You may can get it in the UK, and avian vet would be a good source of information. If you can get it into the UK, it is found here, and your bird will need the Course Grind for the pellet size. Changing from a poor diet of seeds to organic pellets takes time and below is a link to article written by avian vet on how to go about the change safely for your bird.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

As for trust, you are making great headway, and your bird is even trained to step up. Wild caught parrots didn't know how to step up and were beyond terrified of humans. We had to use gauntlet gloves with the older birds to keep from being severely mauled by them. It usually took us a week or more to be able to safely handle them and once the gloves came off, we were ALWAYS bitten the first time we tried to get them out of cage. Trust takes much longer, and we did not rush them and allowed them to get to know us and their environment before training beyond taming. Your bird knows how to step up and will eat from your hand. What more could you ask for after only two weeks? Find books and info about the Amazons and begin to understand basic temperaments of the species and go from there.

An exam by an Avian Vet is a must before changing the diet because a semi-sick bird will be harmed because he is weak.Do not take to dog and cat vet as they are not licensed or trained and will mishandle your bird with incorrect diagnosis and treatment. They may be able to help you in finding an avian vet as will your local phone book and the internet.

Keep us posted and know that you are very lucky to have a bird so willing to try and trust you. Please do not take his willingness to work with you for granted because things could be much much worse.


Feb 02, 2013
Taming an Amazon Parrot
by: Tracie

I suggest you join an Amazon parrot forum, so that you will have support during the training process, and have a multitude of counsel as you go.

You can start with this Parrot Training page link for help in training your bird. You should either check out a book from the library or purchase a book on Amazon parrots also.

Some Amazon parrots get hormonal when they reach maturity, and you can't even open the cage door for months or even a couple of years. Learning their body language will help you, and others, from getting bit at all times and help you know when to leave the bird in the cage.

Here is a link to our training aids in case you would like to look at them too.

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