How to tame a wild Rainbow Lorikeet?

by Gemma Parker

I have recently found a Rainbow Lorikeet. I can't tell whether he is a baby or injured. I found him outside my house, he has no tail feathers so he can't fly. And he has a brownish red beak.

My mum thinks he might have fallen from the nest. When I found him, he was getting teased by two Butcher birds. So I grabbed him in a towel and I have put him in a temporary small cage. I have been feeding him chopped up apple, pear and some orange.

Is there anything I can buy at the pet shop that he would eat? Also, Is it possible to tame him? When I put a small bowl of water in his cage, he kept squawking so I think he is still afraid. What are some methods in taming a wild Lorikeet? How can I get him to not feel threatened by humans?
Thank you! :)