how to tell how old my conure is

by anthony
(peoria arizona)

i got a wide eyed conure for my ex's parents and i dont know how old she is. she has the band on her foot and is well mannered with me, but she doesnt like females/ i was wondering if there was a way i could tell how old she is and if her not liking females is because of her age

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Jul 08, 2009
by: Linda

It is difficult to tell age in parrots. Ask the person you bought her from how old they think she is.Your Avian vet may have a better idea, and bird needs to see a vet to check for infections, parasites, etc.

The reason bird may not like females can be multi-faceted. One reason would be that a man handfed the baby birds. When only one sex human handfeeds the babies, they have a problem with the other sex later on as they are fully bonded and imprinted with the male. This can be gradually changed by a female willing to take it slow and understand why bird reacts as it does. Treats given by the woman from the hand will help change the bird's mind about women. The person who cleans, feeds and cares for the birds is the one they will be most attached to.

The other reason is that bird was abused by a female person. This type of problem can last the lifetime of a parrot. Here again, working slowly by offering tasty treats, singing songs, cleaning cage and generally taking good care of bird can also change this. Lost trust takes a very long time to be found again. Birds are prey animals in the wild, and all birds are still wild and not domesticated. Trust is such a fragile concept, and it will take a lot of effort and love to gain their trust in the first place. If someone else has destroyed this trust before you get them, then the road is harder and the mountain higher to win their trust back.

May I suggest that you tell the people you got bird for everything you know about his history. If you can fill in some of the blanks about where bird came from and what kind of situation it came from, it will go much smoother with new guardians. Kindness and Love will go a long way with any bird or other pet animal who has been possibly abused or neglected.


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