how to tell if a baby blue naped is not healthy?

by alvin

i have a baby blue naped parrot(4 weeks or more)
when i first aquire him/her it is very noisy(screeching) when i feed it. but after a week it never screech when i feed it! what could be the reason?
my reason was because of the vit. i give to it, cause i read that baby parrot are very sensitive to sudden changes of its food.
can u help me to identify if how old it is. it already has feathers on its wing area ang head, and on it's tail. but the body is just starting to grow feathers.
pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May 25, 2009
Amazon questions
by: The Vet

I recommend that you take this bird in to see an avian veterinarian who is familiar with hand feeding babies. It sounds like your bird is possibly sick. Baby birds very commonly have bacterial and yeast infection, which will cause them to behave has you describe. If you are using a commercial hand feeding formula, you MUST NOT add vitamins to this formula; adding vitamins will make your bird sick. I can possibly age your bird and identify the species if you can post a picture.

Dr B

May 25, 2009
by: Linda

Alvin, you need to take your baby bird to a qualified Avian Vet as soon as is possible. Sounds like bird is sick. Anytime there are changes in eating, playing or other activities, there is usually an infection.

Birds hide that they are sick for as long as they can. They do this because, in the wild, a sick bird brings predators who smell the bird's sickness or injury. A sick bird, in a flock, endanger all the other birds, and sometimes the other members of the flock will send sick bird away to die alone. So birds hide their sickness until they can no longer hide it, and by then it is sometimes too late for treatment. Please don't wait to take him to a vet as his life may depend on you helping him.

If your little bird is sick, it will be very, very ill before you see actual runny nose or eyes and such. Watch your bird as you have been doing. Any changes in normal behavior usually means illness.

Please take him to Avian vet so they may run a few inexpensive tests to determine if he has infections of any kind.

Let us know what you find out, and post a picture of your bird when you can.

Best Wishes,

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