how to tell if a peach faced lovebird is male/female without having a dna test done?

by nicole

this is the bird

this is the bird

I recently just got another peach faced lovebird. I've had four of them and with the new one I just got I now have five. but the new one of mine is alone. My other four paired up and mated. But this one is all alone. Its always sad to see the other birds mate when it doesn't have one. And it fights with the others to try and get their mate. I'm thinking of buying another peach faced love bird from my local pet store, but I need to determine weather its a male or female bird. So I know which to get so they can mate and it Will be happy. But I don't know how to tell please help....

I'm afraid of doing it a dna test. Because I'm scared it might hurt the bird. Is their anyway to determine the sex of it without having a dna test done???

I've also tried looking for signs of male and female behaviours but I'm still unsure.

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Feb 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

you can tell by the shape of the chest I its roundish shape it is a female and if its a flat chest it is a male.

or you can get a DNA test I don't think it hurts the bird but its up to you

Feb 18, 2015
you kinda can
by: Anonymous

some people and pet store owners said if you look at their nostrills and if it's pinkish it a female and if it's more of a purple it's a boy hope you find what kind of bird it is

Nov 22, 2014
by: Anonymous

Sometimes there is an easy way like to look at thier face. If it's darker like red there is more of a chance that it is a male. If it's orange or peach then it's a girl

Jan 23, 2013
DNA testing should be done by a professional
by: The Avian Vet

You cannot tell a lovebirds sex by looking at it. The only way to know is to DNA. I would not allow the pet store to do the blood draw, but if a professional does it then it is very safe.

Dr B

Jan 23, 2013
you can't
by: Anonymous

Both male & female are identical & the only way to know 100% accurately is via DNA testing.

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