How to train a super untamed ringneck parrot

by Javier
(Santa Paula, CA)

How can you train a super untame ringneck parrot to talk or to do some tricks plz someone help me!! I had him or her for 2 mouths already but I try to teach him some tricks but he just flys away and I cliped his wings and he still flys away his super untamed I need some help to train him and how can you teach him to talk!!

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Dec 17, 2014
by: the birdman

if you clipped his wings and he still flys away you didn't do it right, if you want him not to fly you have to clip his flight wings, they are the long ones on ends of wings, if you clip these he won't be flying, it takes about a yr for these to grow back. It just takes alot of time to teach bird to talk, it was about a yr before I got my ringneck to start talking, let him watch parrot video's on Youtube. Bowie is a good talking bird.

May 20, 2012
Training an untamed parrot
by: Tracie

You start by just developing a relationship of trust. You want to work at just spending time with the bird and getting it to accept you as part of the "flock." The bird will not try to communicate with you, by repeating words etc., until it is comfortable with you.

It takes MUCH patience to get a bird to trust a human if it was not raised to be hand tame. We have some training articles on our Parrot Training page that you can read to help you, but you must start with just gaining the bird bird's trust.

Your trying to force train the bird may have caused the bird to not trust you even more. I would just spend time next to the cage when I read a book, eat my meals etc. Talk in a sweet voice to the bird. Once it feels comfortable coming to your side of the cage, offer it a healthy bird treat through the bars. Just move slowly from there.

As far as teaching it to repeat words, repeat what you want it to day often. Pick something short and simple like "Hi" to begin with.

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