how to train indian green neck parrots

by roshni parakh

hey everybody,,,, i have bought a pair of indian green neck parrots,,,,, male and female. but they actually are scared of me,,,,, i have bought a beautiful cage for them and whenever i put my hand in to it,, they bite me.i actuallyi love them alot,,, and want them to love me too. does anybody have full information like how to train my parrot in the begining ,like iam fully confused.i give them green chilli,and raw rice to eat. and what else should i add?and one more thing do parrots in a pair talk? and in how many days.. ive been searching on this matter for a long time.. can anybody help me? please?please? i ll b grateful to you,, iam ready to spend anything for my pets.. do help me. thank you
yours truly

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Jan 09, 2018
How to tame my pair of ringnecks
by: Anonymous

My pair of ringnecks newly brought eat nothing except pellet mix. None of them make any sound. Always frightened of me and my hubby. What should I do to tame and train them.

Jan 11, 2016
To tame.
by: dilys

I have 2 ring necked pattots(male&female). Female sounds its normal when no one s near. From some days onwards tey were frightened when any one is near. What food should give to lose its tongue& beaks hardness, from stop biting? I want to make them tamed. What should i do ?

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Jul 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

Roshni u can feed them fruits like apple and mangoes

Jan 10, 2014
by: Anonymous

Is it true that you can't teach a pair of ring necks because they have each other?
Because I bought a pair a green and yellow... They are still young but terrified of me still I whistle all the time to them feed them great food but they just won't chill out? Argh help???

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Sep 08, 2013
help with training bird
by: Anonymous

Hi Sanjay.
I like the information you gave on birds.
I have 15years old conure bird. Wish I could hold him on my hand,he screams all day long.

I need help,how can I teach him to scream less.he does not play with any of his toys only bell he likes.What shall I do/


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Nov 03, 2012
I also had parrots
by: Sanjay

Try to make some large abt 2.5feet height and 5 feet long one, all sides covered with plywood except at front or u can put all sides mesh only.
. one thing keep if u show love to any birds r animals they will show some response to ur love and care.
. 1st try to feed them at a regular time daiy. Eg if give capcicum on 8am , try to repeat giving the same food in the next day also. If u gone repeating that they call u by making sound on one day if u not feed them at that time.
. By feeding them talk with them by calling their names, as u talk with babbies before getting speech. Try to feed guava, coriandum leaves.

Apr 20, 2010
how to train indian green neck parrots
by: Linda

STOP AND SLOW DOWN!!! First of all since you bought a pair of Indian Ringnecks and have them caged together, your job of taming them is going to be almost impossible. To tame a parrot, you have to have ONE PARROT ALL BY ITSELF IN ITS CAGE, and then you can review some of the training information on this site and other places on the internet. With a pair, they have each other and are not going to be much interested in bonding with you. Not that they won't, it is just not likely. I suggest you get another cage and separate them. Then you can work with one bird at a time for the taming and training.BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, YOU NEED TO TAKE BOTH BIRDS TO AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR AREA AS BIRDS FOUND IN PET STORES AND AT SOME BREEDERS ARE SICK AND WILL NEED A CHECKUP BY AN AVIAN VET. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE ANY KIND OF TAMING OR TRAINING AS A SICK BIRD CANNOT LEARN ANYTHING.

NEVER, EVER, EVER FEED RAW RICE TO A BIRD AS IT IS NOT DIGESTIBLE UNLESS FULLY COOKED! Tracie carries organic, high quality pellets out here, and those are what they need to be eating. Buy the organic pellets according to size of your birds and feed according to package directions, and Harrison's is the best and is Avian Vet recommended. They have to be refrigerated, so take out how much birds will eat and let it warm up to room temperature BEFORE FEEDING. Cold food will cause massive infections as it is NOT digestible.

So, you are taking birds to an Avian Vet, you're going to buy some organic pellets, and you're going to get another cage to put one of the birds in. Then, after you get all of that done, you're going to look at the training materials on this site and other places on the internet to find how to tame and train your birds one at a time.A good book would be a very good idea as well because they cover taming, training, housing, feeding and many other things people need to know about parrots BEFORE they bring them home.

Thanks for writing,

Apr 20, 2010
Fun With Your New Birds
by: Anonymous

I hope you do feed them other items other than rice and chili? Pellets I hear are ideal, I feed mine on a full diet seed mixture, and when it runs low I don't quickly refill but give an extra day so the birds can eat the least favorite items. I add fresh vegetables, fruits, and millet spray at times. I also provide vitamins to place over the food, as a water vit. solution may not be liked by some birds, or can create bacteria in warm weather. Birds also love to bathe, so I just keep fresh water in at all times. I also provide a cuttlebone for calcium. Although mine has not touched it. It stays there. Healthy grainy breads and oats I have given. Birds are best trained in non pair environments. They bond better to humans otherwise they will prefer to naturally bond with their own kind. Talking can vary. Some parrots may never talk, but not to be the reason why you purchased or obtained the guy. It takes time and spending about 15 min. a day is good. It may happen eventually or never happen. For training, it is best to have a VET clip the nails and wings if they have not been done already. You can leave the cage door open and let the bird come out on its own. Also approach the bird slowly and gently each day until the bird is use to you. I have had a Sun Conure frightened out of his mind and nobody wanted him. I adopted him and with my cage, the top opens. He was able to climb out and I would use a glove at first until their was trust, when I noticed no biting, I would use a wooden perch to get him on, then onto me. We are best of friends now. Hope this helps.

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