How to train my green check conure

by Lina

How do u train your green check conure into saying hi and gimmi a kissy??

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Jan 03, 2012
Training a conure to repeat words
by: Tracie

The first thing you do, and you may have already done this, is to gain your bird's trust. When a bird wants to be a part of your "flock" it is more likely to want to "speak" your language.

There are never guarantees that a bird will ever repeat anything. My mom had an African Grey that only repeated a few words, ever. She stayed in the same room talking to the bird every day.

With the above said, you can simply keep repeating the phrase you wish the bird to say often. Sometimes they pick up on phrases said differently than the rest of your speech. (I don't know why.)

For instance, birds will pick up on a cuss word, probably due to the fact that it stood out from normal words spoken. Words spoken high-pitched also seem to get repeated more often it seems. But these are just generalities.

My daughter taught her budgie to say a LOT of things, just by standing in front of the cage and saying things directly to the bird.

We have some training articles on our Parrot Training page that might be helpful.

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