How to treat small cuts on african greys foot


How to treat a cut on african greys foot?

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Jun 24, 2012
what to use
by: Anonymous

Corn flour (corn starch) and aloe vera (natural), if you have them

The aloe is an antibacterial, works wonders at healing small wounds. Corn flour stops any bleeding & help pack the aloe on.

I personally would not use betadine. That stuff stings when applied & not necessary when there are much less, just as effective, if not more effective options.

Jun 20, 2012
How to treat small cuts on african greys foot
by: Linda

You can use BETADINE. This is NOT Iodine and is called Betadine which can be found in any drug store nationwide. It has to be put on over and over as it either wears off or if bird gets foot wet, it washes off. Re-apply at least every day and more if bird gets wet.

Betadine is what they use in hospitals for people having surgery. It kills any bacteria/viral entities and keeps small cuts closed so they do not become infected.

What you also need to be looking at is what caused the cuts on bird's feet? You will need to check entire cage for any sharp places. Lots of times when powder coat is applied carelessly, there will be sharp places where paint ran and formed a sharp point which is very dangerous once it is dry and hard. All cages have to be checked for these sharp places, and they can also be formed from poor welding. Cages from China have to be checked all over inside and outside for sharps.

The other place sharps can occur is on natural wood perches, especially Manzanita. These sharp areas come from small twigs being broken off leaving sharp points on the perch. These have to be sanded down so they are flat and soft. Manzanita is especially bad for these points, and they will literally tear up a bird's feet, so make sure perches and cage are checked carefully.

Toys can be cause for being cut, so make sure there are no sharp areas on any toys or other items in cages. If you are allowing your bird to roam freely in your home, this is just the first of many injuries with some being life threatning.

So, put the Betadine on with a cotton ball or swab and replenish it at least once a day and after bird gets wet.

Thanks for writing,

Jun 20, 2012
Cut on African Gray foot
by: Anonymous

You should take your bird to an avian vet for treatment. Any type of topical medicine for human use can be detrimental to a bird; not only on the cut area but if they ingest it. You should get it taken care of right away as birds are always stepping in their food and poop which could lead to infection.

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