How young baby ringneck out from the cage?

by Chao
(Sorsogon, Philippines)

This is the second time that my ringneck laying eggs..The first one was not successfully hatched because I keep it looking on their eggs which I think I harmed short, they abandoned their eggs for the reason.So, for this second time, what I did was I nailed the cagebox for me not to have any option but to wait until it hatch,and it works,I heard new babies inside the cage..

But the question is, how the young baby ring neck out from the cage where the cage is almost 20inches deep? Although inside the cage has stairs to reach but I think young one will not be able to reach it..Do I need to open the box after several weeks or do I wait until several months to do it for their own?

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Feb 03, 2013
How young baby ringneck out from the cage?
by: Linda

I hope to not offend you, but you have no idea what you are doing here. Baby parrots have to be weighed every single day after hatching, and if even one has not gained weight, then they are all sick with some kind of infection. They have to be diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet ONLY. Baby birds have to be handfed if the parents are not able or willing to do so, and handfeeding baby parrot formula is a learned skill. Babies can be killed by people who know nothing about it.

Nailing the box shut was the worst thing you could have done. Now the babies will live or die because you have closed off any opportunity to be of help to them.

If these babies do live, I caution you to learn a lot more about breeding before doing this again. You are not helping and are in fact making life worse for your birds. What good breeders want is good, healthy parents and healthy robust babies. You will have neither of these things going about this process blindly.

Babies do not leave the nest and/or cage until they are fully weaned, and this takes place when they are able to feed themselves without their Mother supplementing them during the day. I really hope they survive because it won't be because you know what you're doing and will be by the grace of a loving God.


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