hurt foot on Conure, please help.

by Judy B
(Baltimore, Md)

I am bird sitting my daughters conure. My shiz tzu chased my conure and possible stepped on her. She had a small amount of saliva on her but no bit marks and no blood. She was shaking and panting at first but quickly calmed down. (she is used to being around dogs and sleeps on the back of one). she is eating and drinking, no more panting. However, she keeps holding up her left foot when on her perch. She is walking around her cage but not quite as quickly. She sitson me and cuddles without acting like her foot is a problem. Foot does not appear to have any abnormalities when I look at it.

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Apr 22, 2013
by: J Bssisso

Updat. Nyla is doing well. Just needed lots of cuddling and then sme quite time. I appreciate the comment to take her to the vet but unless I thought she was seriously hurt that suggestion could have killed her. I finally got hold of our avian vet and he strongly recommended the cuddling sine she wasn't panting and was eating and drinking. He said a vet trip is so stressful it could actually make it worse or even kill her!

Apr 21, 2013
Bird foot
by: Alex

The conure needs to be taken to an avian vet in case it was injured. Birds have hollow bones which are very easily broken and it seems like the bird is in constant pain.

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