Hyper Cockatiel!

by gemma
(st albans)

Sometimes my cockatiel will run up and down her perch and she will screech and whistle.
and then sometimes she will display her wings and then she will run up and down her perch again.
and when you leave the room she will squeak again.
why does she do this?
is she just trying to get attention or is there something wrong with her?

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Nov 07, 2012
Running up and down perch
by: Anonymous

Mine is definately a female as she has laid eggs and does this!!!!! So might not be male

Feb 05, 2009
whats up w/my hyper tiel
by: Anonymous

I would say there is a good probability that your "she" is a "he." Females tend to be quiet. They will chirp and occasionally hang upside-down with wings fully spread. Other than that they tend to be fairly sedate. Males, on the other hand, pace or strut back and forth on their perch while often whistling the same sound over and over and over again. They like to whistle and can often learn to whistle a tune like the Adams Family or to wolf whistle. I would bet on your girl being a boy. I am a breeder and have had cockatiels for about 28 years.

Sep 19, 2008
Hyper Cockatiel
by: Tracie

Hello Gemma,

It sounds to me like your bird is just having a good time and possibly wants your attention.

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