I am moving , Can't take my birds!

by Arlene
(Upland, Ca)

Hopless, Need to find a home in southern california for my white bellied ciaques.
I am moving to Costa Rica and there is an embargo on the airlines. I know ciaques aren't for everyone, deffinately need tough love and understanding. Can't let them have the run of the house etc....... Any answers?????

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Apr 18, 2012
moving to costa rica, can't take my birds
by: Anonymous

Wow, I have hope, Anonymous, thank you, I will certainly make the call. I'll let you know.

Apr 18, 2012
I am moving, Can't take my birds
by: Anonymous

I live in southern california.
North San Diego county in fact. There's a great vet hospital here, they've got avian vets on staff.

Acacia Animal Hospital 7607458115 < their number.
They can help place your birds.

Also, there are 2 bird stores, you can give them a call. They will take your birds, and find them a home. I've purchased 2 healthy birds from them.

They're owned by the same ppl. Prehaps if you call them they can help you to find a new home for your little guys. All staff is loving and knowlegable about birds.

Here's thier numbers Our feathered friends 619) 280-5134 and A bird Haven(760)741-2622 Website is Ourfeatheredfriends.com.

If you live more towards San Bernardino, There is Brackens Bird Farm.(I havent been there personally) My aunt purchased a healthy Grey from them. My other aunt found a grey wandering her housing community, She took this bird to Brackens, and they were able to reunit him with his owner.

I would gladly take them myself, however my landlord has only premitted so many birds. Which is nice of her since she typically doesn't allow pets.

But all 3 of those places, plus the vets, someone can help you to find them a good home.

I do highly recommend them, as they keep thier birds clean and healthy. The birds are activiely interacted with each day. They dont just sit in cages. My birds were both well socialized, and had no phobias. I extensively checked out both the ones in San diego, before buying my birds. My birds within a wk of purchase where examined by the avian vets at Acacia, where they got complete exams and blood work-ups done. Both birds where 100% clean bill of health, by the Avian vet.

So if you aren't able to find a new owner outside a bird shop, I do recommend the places in San Diego. They breed all thier own birds, hand raised, and tame. They can help you find a new home for them.

They took the time to listen to what I wanted, the housing I lived in, and ETC to help me find the right birds for me. They also gave me lots of info and tips on my birds. How much interaction they need, what to feed, how important toys are, what NOT to feed... Before I left I was confident I had made the right choices in birds. Both are absolutely wonderful birds. I just love them. (CAG and a TAG)

And don't give the birds to a senior center. I dont see that mixing well. Staff may not be equiped to care properly for birds on a regular basis. Dont need old folks hurting them or getting bit.

Good luck! Hope this helps you find them a home, or gives you a place to start!

Apr 18, 2012
I am moving to costa rica, can't take my birds
by: Arlene

John, I am leaving calif. June 2012. I thought I would be able to take the two of them,
Costa Rica says yes of course with all the blood tests, but the air lines say, embargo right now, I thought I'd even be able to take them in coach, but to my dissmay all of this has changed. I can't believe the universe would do this to me and I will be okay with it, if like Linda said," if you find them a good home it will be a much better transition". sienor citizen place may not be good, these little ciaques need a firm, understanding hand, tempered with love and not the other way around.
Thanks and Peace to you

Apr 18, 2012
I,m moving can,t take my ciaques with
by: Arlene

Linda, Thank you for your comments about my little ciaques and finding them a good home. Linda great advice, I totally agree! Where I live there is really only one avion vet an hour away. There is one who handeles birds also, but she sees all animal. Maybe I,ll try there, yah I will! Thank you for caring. Arlene

Apr 17, 2012
I am moving , Can't take my birds!
by: Linda

Talk with your Avian Vet and other Avian Vets in your area. California is loaded with avian vets, so you may be able to place your birds through one of them. This would be the first and best place to go. If you end up trying to find a home for them yourself, you'll need to run ads and/or put up notices in grocery stores, the Avian Vet's offices where people with birds go. Pet stores who carry bird supplies is also a good place to post a notice.

One word of caution, please take the time to make a home visit to any potential buyers. The reason I say this is not everyone needs to have birds because they either don't know anything about them or they live in conditions with kids/pets running wild, etc. A home visit shows the potential buyers that you are serious about your bird's welfare. Buyers who should not have your birds will shy away from a home visit, so this can make weeding out the bad ones much easier for you. When you are in people's homes, take notice of atmosphere whether chaotic or peaceful. Ask about children and pets in the home, people's ability to feed birds properly and if they will take them to Avian Vet when they are sick or injured. Birds should be examined once a year to make sure they are in good health. So people not willing to do this or who have chaotic, disorganized homes will not be good candidates for your birds. Also see how much they know about toxic and non-toxic products used in the home. Many birds die from fumes from bleach, ammonia, pine sol, fingernail polish, paint and other toxins. Do a thorough study of the people wanting to give your birds a home. They will respect you for this and feel your birds are very special.If you get the opposite reaction, these are NOT people who will give your birds a good, loving home.

Your home visits will tell you how much they know about parrots and your species in particular. All parrots are not alike in personality and physical needs, so do your very best to find a really good home for them.

I'm sorry you have to let them go, and it appears you love them, so do everything you can to find them good homes with people who will take great care of them like you have.We all get in positions where we may have to find new homes for some of our pets, and there is no shame in this. The shame is when people carelessly give their pets to people who never should have them in the first place. Be your bird's advocate here, and you'll feel good about their new life and yourself as well.


Apr 17, 2012
How Soon?
by: John Fahlsing

If not, don't give them to pet places, try a seniro center with good people, Hope it helps. Peace!

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