I am my own Bird!!

by Vickie Robillard

Tinker is definitely her own bird. My brother bought her before she was even hatched. She is approx. 12-14 yrs. old. She is not a people bird as she spent most of her time alone with my brother. As his health got bad I was at his apt. almost every day helping him. Tinker started coming over by me and scared the h-ll out of me.

As she was out of her cage every day till bedtime. My brother would laugh at me cause I would squeal cause she would bite. She would get on the floor and try to get your feet. At least that's what I thought. She was really wanting to crawl up my leg. My brother would let his lounge chair down so she could crawl up his leg. He also would put his cane handle end down and she would get on it.

She got so she came to me more then him. She would crawl all over me and push on my hand like a dog or cat for me to pet her. Oh, I got bit a few times!! She is the boss!! But I would come in the door and she wanted me to kissy kissy on her cheek. My brother has been gone 3 yrs now and of course she is now my Baby Girl. Can't let her out cause I have a dog and I am scared he will get her. She feeds him her seed and does the upside down Batbird for him so he'll run over by her and jump & bark. She had just started to say my name before my brother passed.

I bought her a Townhouse, LOL!, so she would have lots of room cause I knew she wouldn't be out of her cage much. She loves it. She does not like you to talk on the phone when she is on your shoulders. Have to move it from ear to ear or she will get you. Learned the hard way, not to talk on phone with her on me. Bird breeder thinks she might think the phone is another bird. She is entertaining and I love her lots.

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Jan 23, 2014
My Tinker
by: Vickie

Tinker and Robie have lived together for some time. But I am not willing to take the chance of him getting her. If he jumps on her it is too late for her to bite. But Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

Jan 18, 2014
afraid of dog
by: Tara USA

I was afraid my cats would be a danger to my conures. But actually the cats are afraid of the birds. The woman I got them from said the cat would get bit only once and will never bother them again. Unless your dog is very aggressive around her I think you should introduce them slowly and let them get used to each other. It seems a shame to have to stay in the cage all of the time.

Editor's note: This is VERY dangerous business. I know of several people who allowed their birds with dogs and cats and everything was fine for years. One day the bird startles the cat or dog, and the bird is killed.

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