i bought a parrot yesterday

by saif malhas

my parrot isn't interacting with us,he keeps rolling upside down in the cage if someone's near ... also he keeps shouting if any of us come beneath him,he is 9 month old.. i dont know how to make him cope with the atmosphere of the house

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Dec 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

if you only bought him yesterday he wont interact, he needs you to bond with him first and learnsome trust for him patience for you. He is intelligent and you just upturned his world.

Dec 28, 2011
by: diamondtia

If you just bought the parrot yesterday, you have to give him time to adjust. He is not going to just act normal in one day.

This is all new to him/her and for the first few days, you should just let it get used to it's surroundings and settle in. Too much excitement around the little guy will just cause it to be nervous.

I would give it time and speak to it in a soothing voice and offer it a treat once in awhile. Just have patience, it will come around before you know it.

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