I bought my birds a birdhouse but none of them know what it is

by Christina
(victoria, australia)

Hello, how are you going? Thank you so very much for your help, I do appreciate it a lot :-) I bought a lovely birdhouse for a new white dove I got from the animal shelter, and for the pigeons who visit our backyard every day and who stay all day and eat and drink and then leave at night. It is a birdhouse on a pole and it is double story and handmade by a woodworker. Each floor has 4 big doorways cut out of it- one doorway on each side, and it has a lovely tin roof to keep the rain out. I thought they might like to rest in there during the day if one of them feels tird or cold or sick or anything, and to sleep in at night. But none of the birds seem to like it, they just look at it funny and then keep eating their birdseed on the ground. Then they all fly off together to some where else to sleep at night. Is there anything I can do, like put food in it say, to get them to try it out, or should I just be happy to leave it there as a prety garden ornament? Thanks heaps for your time, I do appreciate it a lot :-)

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May 03, 2010
I bought my birds a birdhouse but none of them know what it is
by: Linda

Go ahead and leave it out there, but the birds must have a roosting place they like in someone's barn, gazebo or carport in the area. Birds are also very slow to accept new things, and this is true of the Pidgeons and Doves as well as the parrots.City Pidgeons live on rooftops and roost in the eves of large buildings in large downtown cities, so I would not worry about them too much as it sounds like that have everything covered for now.

So, you can leave it out there, and someone may eventually get curious enough to check it out. If the house is very large, it would be big enough for all of them, but if it is a smaller house, most likely none of them will use it for anything. You MAY HAVE a BlueJay or crow or two decide it's a Mansion built just for them which would be cute. Continue to keep your Dove inside during the winter unless it is a sunny warmer day and he can play with his mates outside for short periods. He has been neglected, is in a weakened condition and needs to sleep inside YOUR house during the winter.

It is my pleasure to be of service to you because I admire you for taking in the new Dove and for taking special interest in the Pidgeons. Keep up the good work and write anytime you want to.


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