i dont have a choice no vets open now please help me


I have a sun conure , she is about 5 weeks old and I have been hand feeding her or him. She has been doing great than yesterday I noticed that her crow wasnt shrinking. , I went and got apple juice and gave her when her craw went down a little more, after that she started getting worse and now I feel like I might have asperated her and her lungs might have received some of that. I have got some stuff out of her nose and she is breathing hard now and I put her under a light but she looks like she may go any minute and I tried to feed her and that made it worse and so she has no strength. Should I try to suck the remaining applesauce in her craw out with a syringe or what. Please Please help me this bird is so very precious and has the sweetest soul and personality. I cant lose her please tell me what to do or forward to someone that might help. I am desperate.

Editors note: phone number and email removed to protect Ron.

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Jul 29, 2008
Hand feeding a bird problem
by: Tracie

Hello Ron,

I tried to Email you, but the Email you attached doesn't work.

Please call a vet or at least a breeder to help you, if it isn't too late. This is why I do my best to encourage people NOT to hand feed birds unless they are an experienced breeder and they have a vet with a 24 hr phone number.

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