i dont know what happened

by Stephanie
(PA )

I have 3 parrots one of them was repeating "up" slow and sort of drawn out. Being that Sally ( blue & gold macaw) says up all the time my son went to see if she wanted something, only to discover JoJo my blue fronted amazon lying on his side making the noise from the bottom of his cage.

By the time I ran to get a towel to get him out of his cage safely he was gone. Could he have been having a stroke or heart attack? He seemed to b just fine a couple hrs earlier when I gave him food & fresh water. I just don't understand what happen to him.

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Jul 01, 2015
Parrot suddenly died
by: Tracie

There is no way of knowing the cause of death without an necropsy. ((hugs))

Make sure that you have a completely bird safe room, if you birds get out of their cage and off your hand or shoulder. If they are allowed on the floor, they can eat or chew things toxic. They can also get diseases from wild birds due to what you bring in on your shoes.

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