i dont know??

by Tammy

ok i really love lovebirds but i dont know where to get them or how to get my parents to trust me anough to get them although ive read and read about them and theres nowhere near me?? please help me

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Feb 19, 2008
Finding a LoveBird
by: Anonymous

Have you tried a petco, petland, petsmart. Those are the usual places to get one. Other times there might be one at an off the wall pet store. What state do you live in I can check it out and maybe find where you can get one.

Feb 11, 2008
finding lovebirds
by: Anonymous

Become trustworthy by being responsible at home and maybe your parents will let you get a lovebird.

This site has a breeders list, maybe you can find a breeder near you or one that will ship to you.

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