I dont think my parakeet is getting sleep

by kele

Well i put a light blue cover on her every night....and i wake up very early and she seems to be awake...it was 6o clock in he morning and i think the living room lights were on..so maybe thats it oh and he eats out my hand but doesnt stand on my finger..Help!

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Jul 29, 2009
by: Linda

Lights on will keep them awake and prevent them getting enough rest. So, make sure all the lights are out before you go to bed. As for when they wake up, it is usually at daybreak which is usually 6 6:30 am. If you are concerned, use a little thicker cover--not something that will burn him up, something with a tighter weave as in polyester instead of cotton.We use a lightweight polyester cover for our large cage, and they are quiet until we uncover them in the mornings. They are awake though at day-break, so it is important to have a set bedtime for your bird and when the time comes, have him in a quiet room without the TV blaring or people talking or lights on.Birds need about 12 hours of darkness and rest in a 24 hour period.

Birds have to be "trained" to "step up", and the word is "UP" that you'll need to use each time you want him to board your finger. Just place your finger gently against his lower abdomen so all he has to do is step up and say UP. Do not move your finger, keep it in place. He will eventually get the idea and step up every time you place your finger against his lower abdomen. If you are not gently putting your finger in the correct spot and saying UP, he will not understand what you want him to do.

Basically training birds is actually training for the humans as it is in the supposed training of dogs, cats, goats or any other pet. WE are the ones being trained, and our pets just say, "They Have Finally Figured Out How to Do That!"

Tracie also has some training material out here, so you may wish to check it out as YOU WOULD THEN BE ABLE TO LEARN simple little tricks for him to do.


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