I have 2 double yellows , male and female, bonded

by John

And my problem is The male loves when I play with him but when I go to get her out to play he gets super mean, the other day I opened the large cage to get the female out to play the male flew at my face and bit me hard, I just chalked it up as just another bite but will he settle down someday ? or just be on the guard at all times?

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Jun 26, 2011
debbie downer....
by: Anonymous

Not all bonded parrots act like you have explained and not every single bird is going to have multiple homes. It is a shame that many will as will many cats, dogs and every other animal a human decides to make their pet.

Jun 23, 2011
I have 2 double yellows , male and female, bonded
by: Linda

What you have done here is to put a male and female together, and they have bonded. Parrots bond with one mate for life or until one of them dies and they have to take another mate. Once the pair bonding is cemented, as in your case, they no longer need your attentions or will not need them as much. You have lost your pets to put it in clear thoughts. Once a pair bonding has taken place, the birds become as they would be in the wild. Parrots are exotic wild animals, not domesticated and once bonded to a mate will fight all comers that intend, in their minds, to interfere with that bond. Your male will continue this behavior, and it may get worse as times goes on. You are messing with his Lady, and that is how he sees it.

It sounds like your birds are sexually mature which happens with Amazons around 6 years of age. The male views you as a possible threat to his female, and understand that she is HIS female. You will need to back off now and allow them to interact with each other for the most part.

The other issue here is breeding which you do not want to do, and you do not have to just because they are a pair. The market is flooded with parrots of all species, and every one of them will be in multiple homes some of which are going to be abusive/neglectful, and that is a guarantee.

I have a pair of Amazons that I bought almost 20 years ago to breed, they are bonded, and because of the horrible lives these parrots have to live, I decided not to breed them ever. They don't care one way or the other so long as they are together. I do not handle or pet them, but we are surely bonded, human to parrots. They prefer to be left alone to play with their toys and each other. I even had to buy a double Macaw cage with a divider in the middle to keep the larger female from plucking Eli's feathers, and still they are pair bonded for life. They can kiss, talk and groom each other through the divider and each have their separate feed and water dishes.

I'm sorry that you aren't going to have the relationship you may have imagined with them, but nature has taken over here, and though you still need to be able to handle them so they can have toenails clipped and trips to Avian Vet, the days of playing freely with them are over especially the petting.

Thanks for writng,

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