I have a parrot let and quaker

by Rosa
(Pembroke Pine florida)

Can I put a quaker and a parrotlet in the same cage???They seem to get along

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May 12, 2009
Be Very Careful
by: Anonymous

I second the other advise you just received. I would not consider it a done deal, and I'm very sceptical about it in the first, second and third place.

It would be better to let them have outside the cage playtime and let them have their own cage when time to go in to go to bed or whenever you are leaving the house. The way birds and other pets act when we are present, and the way they are when we are gone are two entirely different realities. Be assured that if they are going to fight, it will, most likely, be when you are gone to store or something like that. The results could be horrific.

I recommend they stay in separate cages and be allowed to play together when you are there to keep an eye on them.

Good Luck,

May 12, 2009
Parrotlet and Quaker share a cage?
by: Tracie

If they get along outside the cage, preen each other etc., then it is possible.

I suggest you put them both on top of the cage you wish for them to share with treats in the food dishes inside the cage. Let them play and explore together and if they both go inside and get along, then shut the door and watch them closely.

If you see them both eating and drinking and getting along for hours inside, then they will probably get along. I am NOT suggesting this, I am just sharing how it is done. I would rather inform you than you experiment and have a loss.

It is not recommended that small bullies, Parrotlets, be housed with larger birds. They tend to pick fights and don't realize they are smaller. If the birds get in a fight, both may lose their lives from infection or bleeding to death.

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