I have a plucking eclectus...

by Amy
(Cuyahoga falls,ohio)

I have just aquired an eclectus from a friend who only had it one week and I have very little info to go on buddy except word of mouth ,Buddy is 10plus ys old most recent owner had him 10 yrs previous I dont know.long short of things after Buddys originl owner died he became stressed and started plucking ,i am trying to keep him from doing so I have started a fresh veggie,fruit birdy bread,beans and grains diet as well as his zupreem fruit pellets.

I mist him 2-3 times weekly with georges aloe juice.my question is can do anything else to help his situation,i have talked to his regular avian vet and he has had bloob work done things seem fine I am scheduling his checkup in 1 week. I would like just more than one oppinion in reguards to the plucking.oh and he also takes his pellets and any type of nut and rubs it all over his nakedness befor eating is that strange behavior or just a funny quirk.

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Feb 06, 2012
Plucking Eclectus Parrot
by: The Avian Vet

First I recommend that you stop feeding ZuPreem. It is not a good diet. I had lots of artificial ingredients including flavors, colors, and preservatives. These can definitely cause problems in birds. This food also has high levels of sucrose, which is also not good for birds.

I recommend that you feed Harrison's pellets as 70% of the diet, and feed mostly fresh foods for treats.

Eclectus are one of the most common species that pluck and they pluck for many reasons. Behavior problems are more rare than originally thought. I see many more medical problems than behavior problems. I see lots of reproductive problems in Eclectus.

I recommend that you not use aloe more than 1-2 times weekly because it can gum the feathers and increase over-preening problems. I also recommend that you increase the humidity to 50% minimum using a cool-air humidifier. Also I recommend that your give a soaking bath at least once or twice weekly. His food rubbing behavior is abnormal and may indicate anxiety or some form of discomfort. Be sure that you see an avian specialist if you can.

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Dr B

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