I have a Red Bellied Parrot named Wazoo

by Claire Shaffer

Red Bellied Parrot Wazoo

Red Bellied Parrot Wazoo

His B-Day is Dec. 16/2005 he will be three this Dec.He was only 4 months when I bought him. I paid 600.00 for him.It was great for the first two years.Then he started to bite me very hard.

When I took him for walks out side he would just nail me on the neck and drew blood,so my husband would take him for walks out doors and he wouldn't get bit.

One day we took him to get his nails trimmed and I tried to put him in his travel cage and he bit the h*** out of me,I had to pry him off my middle finger on my right hand. He bit to the bone.He still flogs me at times. My husband can do anything to him,he seems to love him and hates me.

I read Bird Talk and Bird USA nothings helps.He will let me scratch his head only when he wants to be scratched!I just don't know what to do with him.I feel like selling him.

Please help (Email address removed for her protection.

Thank You

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Oct 19, 2008
Heres info!
by: Anonymous

The Red Bellied Parrot can be nippy at times and may very well go through a nippy stage at maturity. The relationship you establish and work to maintain will get you through the rough times.

The Red Bellied Parrots will easily become a one-person bird if they are not held and played with on a regular basis by more than one person. They are affectionate and loving with people they are familiar with and love attention.

Oct 15, 2008
Biting Red bellied "Wazoo"
by: Kralice4u

Bless your heart.
First, do be surprised to know that often times birds will change owners without warning. Meaning: If he let you take him out of the cage before without a fuss, he may turn around the next day and refuse to let you near him.
Before you give him away, please consider looking on this site for Chet Womack's FREE training video on how to pet any biting parrot without getting bit. I am telling you, his method works!

More training articles and Chet's link at:


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