i just got a african gray

i have had him for 2 days now but some times he will shake and will nip when i try to get him to go my hand do i keep putting up with him nipping so that in the end he will go on me hand and how eay is it to bath him thanks

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Mar 02, 2012
Just got an African Grey.
by: Anonymous

Question is, how old is your grey and where'd you get him from?

Sometimes an older grey when coming into a new home will be phobic. (esp if they lived in an aviary for a long time) Due to new smells, surroundings, etc. Be patient with your new friend as he adjusts. Some birds take longer then others.

If you need to bathe your bird, & you can't get him from the cage, use a spray bottle on mist, spray 6-10 inches above the bird (not at the bird), let the water trickle down on him. This will get him wet enf & suffice as a bath for now.

My baby grey (5-6 months old)came from an aviary, & was fine when I brought her home. I was able to pick her up right away & interact with her. Babies adjust better, than adults.
However being she is a baby, she can be a little nippy at times, bc she's checking stuff out. She never hurts anyone tho'. Even tho I interacted with her from day one, I still let her have HER time to take everything in, to destress from the homecoming. Singing to my birds, has always helped them settle in. Just sit by the cage, sing softly to it. Talk to her, without handling her. Hand feed treats.

My baby, when she tried to nip, I quickly showed the back of my fist, birds cant bite a flat surface. They'll try, but they cant. When my bird learned that bitting wasn't gonna give her her way, she stopped. Now she puts my fingers in her mouth and makes a kiss noise, but does not bite. I've had her 2 months, this took me 3 days to accomplish 100%. She settled in really quickly, went to anyone, & everyone.

My bird is now bonded successfully with me, bc I never invaded her space, and I gently showed her I was in charge, and nipping won't work for her.

Please remember, your grey will need about 4 hours a day of human interaction, due to thier intellegence levels. My bird is now 7-8 months old, and saying her first words. Yes, saying her first words. How much time you spend with your bird, determines who quickly they will talk. My bird was purchased as a companion pet, so she's always with me.
TIP: to help curb phobias, introduce your bird to one new thing a day, after letting her settle in for a wk or 2.
Tip: My birds on homecoming, where afraid of all new toys that hung higher than their head (while on a perch next to it). Get some additional hardware for the toys so you can lower them for the bird. (Prey always attacks from above, thus, birds tend to be phobic of toys that are hanging above or slightly above their heads, while they are on the perch next to it.

Hope this helps you. Good luck.

Mar 02, 2012
new african grey
by: Anonymous

wow only two days!! stop sticking your hands in his cage right now!! your bird is terrified, thats all!!! From being in a new home, new surroundings, new sounds, new people, and then a hand trying to manipulate you all the time, wouldnt you defend yourself too!?! Give your new bird at least a week to adjust to his new life. THEN take your bird to an avian vet for a health check..new birds' immune systems are weakened when stressed, therefore the likelihood of them becoming sick is very high. Once your bird has settled in, has gone to the avian vet, THEN you can begin training for him allowing you to pick him up. DO NOT RUSH your bird..they are very sensitive creatures (especially Greys..I have one!!) And if you over-do it too quickly, your bird may have a very difficult time trusting you in the long-run. please, for the sake of your bird, give him time to adjust. your bird is going through a VERY scary time right now!!!

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