i just got a new parrotlet two days ago and i dont think he likes me

by Shannon

he is Four months old. he doesnt like when i get him out of his cage he runs away from me. but when i finally get him on my finger he doesnt like to stay on it he wants only to be in my hair... so is he scared of me or not? does he not like me?
i mean if he didnt like me he woulnd want to be on me in my hair right? idk whats wrong or is he too old to get attached to me?

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Feb 27, 2012
New parrot
by: Anonymous

Time and patience - he's young and nervous. Don't try to force, but let adjust on own, otherwise it's difficult to break bad unwanted habits.

Feb 26, 2012
I think so far so good! (:
by: Hannah S.

For starters he is only 4 months old. That's not very old so this is a good time for him to start bonding with you. It has only been two days.. New people, new cage possibly, new environmental surroundings. So he is going to be nervous, I suggest that when he is on you try hand feeding him some treats that he likes, as this is a way of letting him know that hands are ok and humans are good. If he gets on your hair though I suggest saying no short and firmly and putting him back on your hand, for this will prevent bad habits in the future, he may think he can do what he wants, show him who is in charge! I'm happy for you and your new friend. Don't be discouraged, I just adopted a citron cockatoo, she isn't fond of being handled either. She has only been here 2 days now, and she is making way less progress than your bird is. She doesn't want to come out of her cage just yet, but they say it can take months, but I know she likes me, she talks to me alot (: Just try not to get discouraged. Spend as much time with him as you can and try feeding him treats like I said and talking calmly. He will warm up to you it sounds like maybe even just a week. Hope this helped!

Feb 26, 2012
i just got a new parrotlet two days ago and i dont think he likes me
by: Linda

Your bird is terrified of you, your family, his cage and all the other new stuff. To expect him to be comfortable in only a few days is not very realistic on your part.

You need to do much study about parrots and your bird specifically. You can find books on caring for birds and information on the internet, so start learning how to take care of your bird, his behavior and how to correctly feed and house him. These are things that needed to be done before bringing him home, and now you have to do them so you can understand your bird.

Birds are not wind up toys who perform for our entertainment. They are living creatures who are highly intelligent and very sensitive. Take the time to learn about your bird and give him time to get to know you. Bird's trust is earned not freely given, so you have to gain his trust.


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