i need help - parrot scratching

by stephanie
(locust grove ok usa)

my parrot will not quit scratching and i think its in pain

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Nov 09, 2008
Another reason for scratching
by: Anonymous

Another reason that a parrot/bird scartches is of giardia, which is highly contagus to humans and other pets. I would recommend taking the bird to the vet right away if the scratching is accompainied by loss of weight, dierria, throwing up and etc...

Another reason may be dry skin. There is products out there that can help the dryness/itchness, therefore stopping the scratching. Personally, I use Kaytee's EZ care Bath Time spray once a week during or after bathtime for my cockatiel.

Nov 04, 2008
Parrot scratching problem
by: Tracie

It is hard to say why your parrot is scratching or if it is in pain because we can't see the bird.

It is possible that your bird is molting and that is why it is scratching. If you are noticing lots of feathers on the floor and yet your bird does not look like it is losing feathers, then this is a possibility.

If you have any doubt about why your bird is scratching and if you believe he is in pain, then please take your bird to an avian vet to be checked.

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