by Kimon Antoniadis
(Toronto, On, Canada)

Orange Winged Amazon

Orange Winged Amazon

I have an amazon green parrot. He usualy stays quiet when im asleep, even though my dad is awake and walking and doing things. as soon as i wake up and try to get out of bed, the parrot just screams for attention, i move abit the same thing, it drives me crzy. He doesnt eat his seeds, he just puts them in his beak chews them and spits it out, ive bought all kinds of food for him, never was an issue of how expensive the food was. same thing.. but although its bad for him human food hill consume idk plz helps

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Mar 01, 2011
by: Linda

Your bird looks too young to be eating adult food or much of it. Have you finished handfeeding the bird with baby parrot handfeeding formula using a syringe? Amazons do not even begin the weaning process until they are 3 months old and even then have to be supplemented with handfeeding formula.

As Tracie said, get your bird to an Avian Vet as soon as you can because I think your bird may not be weaned or was weaned and has reverted back to being a baby again which is very common. He can also be sick from all the stress of move and new home. Feed only organic pellets and forget about the low quality, high fat content seeds. If he is eating seeds, you'll have to follow directions for changing over to the pellets. First, make sure he is healthy and not needing handfeeding formula. Then you can come back here and get further instructions for what to feed him.

Instead of complaining about him crying out for help, get busy and provide what this baby needs before he dies. He is making noise so someone will notice that he is either dying of hunger or sick or both. Please do not delay providing him the medical services of a licensed and trained Avian Vet.


Feb 28, 2011
Amazon screams and eats poor diet
by: Tracie

I am pretty sure you have an Orange Winged Amazon. Is it a baby? Have you taken your bird to an avian vet for a check up, to make sure it is healthy and doesn't have something wrong with it?

Please read the Switching Birds to Pellets article and read some of the training articles on our Parrot Training page for help in teaching your bird.

First you need to Find an Avian Vet and have your bird examined. Your bird may scream and not eat properly because it is sick. You absolutely must get your bird on a healthy diet. If you feed your bird peanuts, stop that right away, because some Amazons have real attitude problems when they eat peanuts.

We only feed our birds a healthy pellet diet until late afternoon. Birds are very hungry when they wake up, and will be more likely to eat what is available at that time. We don't even offer seeds or other treats until after 3pm. We make sure only pellets are in their cup when we go to bed.

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