I need help right away

by shane stratton
(Norfolk Va)

hi my bird name capser chewed a hole in its chest and when it drinks water it dosent reach the stomach it goes threw the hole and we have no money to bring it to the vet what can i do for him, because he drinks now 8 cups of water everyday but i just dont know what to do please answer quick

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May 08, 2012
I hope your bird is ok !
by: Anonymous

I hope you found someone to help your bird. I know at this time many are having problems even putting food on the table and keeping the heat on, times are tough we maybe had money at one time but now things are different and alot of people judge hastily. please have an avian vet you know one that will take payment and some will take a deposit and make arrangements because they hate to see an animal suffer. I hope your bird is all right I know the heartache of losing a pet, friend! even when you do take them to the vet. God bless and gool luck

Mar 31, 2012
Talk to the Vet, he might come around
by: PR

If you explain you're situation to the vet and that you the money right now. Who knows, he can even make an exception and let you pay him later! Show him how much that pet means to you, I've seen it before, vet even gives treatment free, but silently without letting anyone else know. Good luck to you and you're bird!

Mar 24, 2012
Hurry or die
by: Bird Expertise:-)

Look for ways to make money, even if it's all u have. It's to keep family alive. If u get enough money,take him to a vet. How'd he chew a hole anyway?!

Mar 20, 2012
take your bird to a vet!!!!
by: cynthia

Please take your bird to a vet! This sounds horrible. I have never heard of this type of self mutilation. Please explore your vet payment options immediately! This is horrible! :( Think of the pain the bird in enduring as well as whatever issue was there to cause the problem originally. Euthanasia would be better than a slow, agonizing death from infection or dehydration. Please go to a vet!

Mar 20, 2012
by: LORI

This bird will die without vet treatment. There is no other option!
Maybe you should take it to the humane society or a bird rescue so it could get the help it needs.

Mar 20, 2012
Bird dying due to lack of care
by: Tracie

There is nothing you can do for your bird, your bird needs an avian vet right away. Seriously, if you can not afford to care for your bird, then please quit torturing your bird and give it to a rescue that WILL care for the bird.

Your bird is in pain, is probably sick and WILL die soon without care. Most avian vets take payments. Please Find an Avian Vet right away to help your bird. Don't let it slowly and painfully die.

Please do NOT purchase another pet until you have a savings account to take care of them when they get sick.

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