I need Linda, again! AG question

by Lisa

Sorry, I won't be so long this time! My Grey likes to 'mouth' me-- this is never OK with dogs and horses, but is it the same rule with birds? She never bites me, it seems like she is just checking or tasting for something, and is actually quite gentle, but I don't want to let her continue this if it's considered bad bird manners, or pre-biting behavior...? By the way, our relationship changed dramatically when I quit letting her sit on my shoulder-- it is very apparent that I am now the flock leader, and that solved alot of issues!! Thank you again for your help!

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Jan 01, 2010
I need Linda, again! AG question
by: Linda

Hi again Lisa! The "kissing" behavior is okay so long as you remain aware of keeping her away from your eyes. I don't believe this is passive aggressive behavior, I think she just wants to kiss you and love you. Just keep in mind to not allow her to do this if other people are present because sometimes birds get angry and jealous when you are holding them and talking to someone else at the same time(even on the phone!). This is where a real bite can occur if they are close to your face or ears. You have a lot of natural grace in the handling of animals, so just keep doing what you are doing.

I'm very happy to hear about her NOT getting on the shoulder because it gives the birds too much power plus can result in a nasty bite.

You are doing great, and I wish everyone was as devoted to their birds as you are yours. Have a great week and an abundant and prosperous New Year!
PS Feel free to write as often as you wish because you are a shining example of how to love, discipline, direct and train a parrot!!! Thank You Very Much for that...

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