i need some advice on my conure parrot

by Graeme

hi i have had my conure parrot 2 days now and he is 6 months old. i am wandering how long i should leave him before i start to try and start to handle him as i have picked him up before after a little struggle and all he did was bite me. now i am worried he might not bond with me now as he just trys to get away from me everytime i try and stroke him. also i was wandering what a suttable age is to clip his wings if it is necessary ?
many thanks

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Jul 23, 2009
New Birdy
by: Linda

Hi and congratulations on your new buddy!

It takes birds a while to adjust to a new home and new people, so don't worry about the bonding as it will come in time. Right now just concentrate on being able to get him to get up on your hand, and leave the petting for another time when he fully trusts you.

The information Tracie offered you is very good, so take a look at it too. Just don't be in so much of a hurry as trust takes time, and until there is 100% trust, there will be no bonding. Birds are much smaller than we are, and tend to be afraid of us and any new things.

Wing clipping needs to be done to keep him from flying away from you if door happens to be open. The first time, have an Avian vet do it as there is a right and wrong way to do this. The right way is to cut ONLY the primary feathers which is the very first layer on the edge of wings. The wrong way is to cut the primary AND secondary feathers as this will cause bird to be hurt when it hits the floor hard. By just trimming the primary feathers, bird can kind of glide down to surface instead of falling like a rock.

If your bird has not been to an Avian vet for a new bird checkup, this is a great time to get that done and have them clip wings. They can show you exactly how to do it, and make sure they only cut the PRIMARY feathers. Birds molt only 2 times a year, so wing clipping is not done any more often than that, and vets don't charge much to do it and/or to clip toenails at the same time.

Good luck, and keep us posted. Post a picture of your new friend when you can.

Jul 22, 2009
Conure biting and training
by: Tracie

Conures are naturally nippy birds, but you can be trained to help them be less nippy. ;-)

Please read our articles on our Parrot Training page. We have all kinds of articles, but the one you might start with is the one that I wrote in response to another person that had a biting green cheeked conure.

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