I need some assistance - egg missing

I have two parakeets they recently have laid an egg but i noticed that it eeps dissapearing could you please tell me than you much Kate

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Nov 30, 2009
assistance - egg missing
by: Linda

What I think is happening is that they are eating the eggs shell and all. Next time one is laid, please remove it and throw away as these are most likely not fertile eggs. Albumin poisoning is a possibility with birds eating their eggs, and it attacks the central nervous system similar to e-coli poisoning in humans. It kills quickly, and there is nothing to stop it once it has started on these small birds.

So, if you have your birds set up for breeding, they are either not mating and/or are of the same sex or are not old enough to be doing this.

You may wish to separate them and remove any nesting materials for a while. Make sure to remove any more eggs immediately to stop them eating them as that's what it sounds like is happening. If the eggs are left even an hour or two, and they are not fertile, the bacteria begins to grow and keeps growing. It does sound like they are eating the egg fairly quickly, and I wouldn't take any chances with this as you could lose them both if they wait too long before eating egg.

Thanks for writing, and you may wish to make sure you have a real pair. The hen's cere will be brown when ready to breed, and the male's cere is blue. In babies under 6 months or so, the hen's cere is blue, and the young male's is a light purple color.


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