i neede an avian's help

by shawn

hi, i wanted to know what litter you should put in the senegal's parrots nestbox, and should it be horizontal or vertical,....
and all other importaNT INFORMATION about the senegal (diet and etc)

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Nov 11, 2009
i neede an avian's help
by: Linda

First of all, do not put any litter into the nest box or the bottom try either. Birds prefer nestboxes bare and made with a concave area in the middle so eggs don't roll around all over. You can find information about the type of nestbox on the internet by doing a search on Senegal Parrot Breeding. You also need to find a good book about your bird so you can learn how to care for it, including feeding, cage sizes, and about perches which need to be made from tree branches.You will also need a cage set up for breeding which will have an opening for the part of the nest box that goes inside, while the rest of the box is on the outside. The boxes are hung. When nestbox is not in cage, the door can be closed.You will need to do extensive research about breeding your birds, because it is not as easy as you may think, and is much more expensive than you now understand.Get all the facts straight and all your equipment together before you even think about breeding. Also, your birds will need to go to Avian Vet before any breeding program to make sure they are healthy. Sick birds won't breed, and if they do, will produce sick babies who will die quickly.

Tracie carries some good books out here, and do the search I mentioned for more breeding information. Diet is important too, and your bird needs to be eating a high quality organic pelleted diet like Harrisons which Tracie carries out here too. Make sure the pellets you buy are for the size bird you have. Changing birds from seeds to pellets takes time, so do some research on that as well. There is an article out here you can look at.

So, do your research and learn about your bird's needs and about the Senegal's likes and dislikes.

Thank You for Writing and enjoy your journey to a better understanding of your bird and his needs.


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