I really want to respond to Renee's qquestion.

by Tara
(Wilder, Ky, USA)

Dear Renee,
We have a couple of conures that are mostly one-person birds. My kids call the loveseat in our family room "mommy island" because my conure, Buddy will bite anyone that trys to touch me, lol. If I am not home he will go to other family members, but he thinks of me as his mate and "protects" me from others.

I got another one, CoCo to like me by keeping my hands behind my back and talking to her at the side of her cage. She eventually came closer and would let me kiss her through the bars. She now comes to me for petting but still prefers my husband and daughter. They are kind of like the Dragon/horse creature on Harry Potter movies. Watch for body language before trying to touch him. He has to feel like he is giving you permission. They are kind of moody creatures and you need to respect their boundaries. You might try trying to hold him using a perch at short intervals with lots of praise for not biting you.

I think You really need to get his wings clipped at least for a while. He can't think it is OK to attack you.

We have to keep Buddy's wings clipped because he will fly at people and attack, but CoCo will swoop at people but not attack so we let her wings alone.

For toys, try putting an empty cereal box in her cage with a few treats inside. They NEED to chew. This keeps CoCo very busy shredding her box. He may like paper, like envelopes to chew too. Just make sure it is non toxic.

Buddy seems to have phobias from his prior home. All of our birds were rescues. He is afraid of office supplies. He will not let me use them near him without biting me. Slowly he has gotten used to my computer and even books overtime. His former owner had to give him up because she worked from home and said he was too noisy. I think she may have made him feel threatened when she was working, possibly even throwing office supplies at his cage. He hates cell phones too, but is not afraid of our land line.

They are very odd creatures and need lots of patience and understanding. Trimming his wings is probably going to help a lot. Buddy is MUCH less aggressive with trimmed wings. He got away from his previous home and may get away again too.

Good luck,