I recently purchased an 8 month old Sun Conure....

by Bri

I purchased an 8 month old non sex determined Sun Conure 3 weeks ago from a bird store and for lack of what to call it I just go with her since she is so pretty =)

But anyway, she was a hand fed parrot and was taught how to step up on fingers but what bothers me is that she is a biter! Is that something that will go away with time?

I am the one that feeds her and attempts to play with her daily but I cant get close to her without her hissing and trying to nab my finger. I have never been able to touch her or show her love as she thinks I am trying to hurt her.

Everything that I have read talks about older birds and why they are starting to bite and scream but with her being new I am hoping that she is just learning her surroundings (even though its almost been 4 weeks that I have had her).

I am not sure how to go about getting her used to play time or even how to introduce her to this as I cannot even get close enough to her to even try! I talk to her and tell her how pretty she is when she spreads her wings and fluffs her feathers out and I think she understands it cause she always does it when I come by her from being in another room for a period of time.

Her wings are clipped so when she tries to fly from being on top of her cage she will step up on my finger to let me put her back should I try walking around with her to let her know that I am not a mean person and that I just want to love her? I hate to think that I will have a bird who hates me for 25-30 years! How long does it usually take for a bird to get to know someone and trust them? Will she ever come around?

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Mar 09, 2013
New Sun Conure
by: Anonymous

It takes a long time for a new bird to get used to its new home and surroundings. It also takes time for the bird to trust you. I'm sure your bird is still scared of everything, that's why she bites. You are doing everything right so far. Establish a routine with the bird and talk to it while you are feeding and cleaning the cage. Don't try to force yourself on the bird, pay attention to its behaviour. Birds are not like cats and dogs who acclimate to their new owners fairly quickly.

I have had my bird for three years now and have learned when she wants to be petted or when she wants to step up. When she doesn't feel like it, she lets me know!

Don't give up on your bird, time and patience will reward you with a wonderful pet.

Mar 08, 2013
she'll be fine
by: Anonymous

I'd say she's had fingers poking & prodding her in the store so she hisses & bites.

When she does this, remove our fingers straight away. She may need a little more time to adjust properly to your & especially to your hands so move slowly, REALLY slowly. Over time she will learn to trust you more.

Every time she does something good reward her. When she bites or hisses, walk away. Sun conures are 'velcro' birds & do anything for attention. If you ignore her bad habits she'll get the message.

Sunnies also get carried away with biting when they play. It's awful but not uncommon. They don't realise their own strength :) What you can do when you play is replace your fingers with toys. Don't give her the opportunity to bite your fingers. Always have a toy handy & if you see she is about to grab the toy & place that in front of her instead.

Sun conures are extremely smart birds. DOn't underestimate yours. They thrive on hugs, love, & being extremely clingy to you. They will do anything for you that you want for some attention. Great way to train them & give them the time they demand :)

Mar 08, 2013
New sun conure
by: Anonymous

It takes time and patience to get a new bird to trust you. She's afraid of you and her new surroundings. Just keep doing what you are doing, do not force yourself on the bird, she will come around. Try to establish a daily routine when you uncover the cage in the morning and feed and water her. Talking to her constantly and moving the cage into the room you are in (like when you watch TV) will help. A lot of people assume birds are like dogs and cats and will take to you instantly, some do and some don't. Do not give up on your bird. I worked a long time to get my bird to trust me and train her and she turned into a great pet.

Mar 07, 2013
I recently purchased an 8 month old Sun Conure....
by: Linda

There are some bird training materials on this site on the Parrot Training page and all over the internet. One thing is she needs to be examined by an Avian Vet right away to check for infections or other physical problems. Birds coming from pet stores and some breeders are already sick, and we recommend an Avian Vet exam before any training or other stressful activities. So, before you do anymore training, find an avian vet only and make an appointment so she can be ruled healthy or given the correct meds for any infection.Dog and cat vets do not know what they're doing with birds, so avoid them at all costs. Birds have to have a bird doctor which is an Avian Vet.

It takes birds a long time to trust humans, and you are going about it exactly right. How long it takes depends on the bird, and a bird who is incubating an infection will not be happy and will continue to bite because she does not feel good. Get the exam done and then you can continue to gain her trust.

Provide her with toys she can chew on and shred like the shreddable toys found here. Birds love toys with wooden pieces so they can chew to their little hearts' content, so these kinds of toys will be appreciated. Birds are afraid of new things, so put only one toy at a time in cage or on playtop until she gets used to it and plays with it. Do not use the snuggle beds because they are dangerous to the birds and are not necessary. You can cover bird's cage at night with lightweight polyester or cotton cover leaving a couple of inches open at the bottom for air. This will work very well to make her feel secure and safe and will keep her nice and warm too.

Thanks for writing and keep in touch!

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