I see a disturbing trend all these birds really need to go to the vet...asap

by Andrea benson
(Az usa)

If you had these illnesses you would go to the doc asap an So many of these parrots need to see a vet asap. Im not judging anyone im just telling it like it is.

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Nov 03, 2010
bird owner
by: Al Mitchell

first of all I am more than thankful for this site, I have been a bitd owner for over 45 years, and as much as I know about birds, I find there is always something new to learn, secondly, as much as I know about birds at no point does my knowlege take the place of a visit to the vet. yes it is an expense, but so is human health care and we don't decide to ignore a fall down the steps or a seizure because it may be to expensive to treat nor do we decide that its okay to eat what you want even tho u may die from it, well my thought is birds don't have the choice to get up and go to the doctors when they don't feel good so when we decide to allow a pet to adopt us we take on the responsibility for its entire life. which does mean total care. if you just want to look at the "pretty birds" then go visit them at the zoo or aviary where they are cared for do not bring them home to sit and admire they need love, proper housing, a good diet, and MEDICAL CARE please give it to them

Nov 01, 2010
I see a disturbing trend all these birds really need to go to the vet...asap
by: Linda

Andrea, we so very much appreciate you and people like you who understand the need to take a sick bird to an Avian Vet. In your case, you went above and beyond what most people think they can do.

The problem here is that people do not do their homework before getting birds. For some reason, they think birds are easier pets than fish, dogs, cats, etc. and nothing is further from the truth. Birds are very unique companions and have special needs as to their diets and cage size needs, and it is a must for people to do their background work before buying a bird because the initial expense is far more than the cost of the bird. The little cages sold should be taken off the market because there are no birds small enough to live comfortably in them. Finches, much to people's surprise, require lots of flying room to stay healthy and do better in wider and less tall cages so they can fly back and forth. Cages built like a very large fish tank are preferable for them to the more decorative ones that are taller than wide.

As Tracie said, we cannot diagnose or treat birds over the internet even if we were Avian Vets. The Avian Vet we have who volunteers his time also suggests birds go the Avian Vets for that. Over the counter meds will kill birds, and most of us have made the mistake of taking a pet store person's advice at least once.

All we can do is encourage people to really think through the idea to get a bird before they do it. Breeding birds is also another area where there is much ignorance as to what is needed to be successful. A good market is essential, and the market is flooded with birds and has been for many years. Parrots end up in some of the worst homes anyone could imagine and live lives in torment, sickness and lonliness for many years before they are finally granted freedom from their broken down bodies.

You are a shining example of what everyone can do when they put their birds before themselves. Tracie is a brave lady to continue suggesting sick birds go to an Avian Vet, and she is much admired and respected. Those who feel the need to send hate mail are the ones forcing their birds to live in horrible conditions, and venting makes them feel better about neglect and abuse. We do understand you, just can barely tolerate the idea that your birds are in such pitiful situations.

Thanks for your caring and loving attitude, Andrea, and you are being blessed in so many ways because of it. We wish you much happiness with your birds and good fortune as to your own health. You are a Blessing to all of us.


Oct 30, 2010
I am very sorry you lost your bird
by: Andrea

Its sad an thru many mistakes do we then learn the right way an even then we will never be perfect enough. That is why I said I was not judging anyone on bird care but it did disturb me alot that these birds are suffering an need vet care asap.

I find it sad you get hate mail,because you have done such a wonderful thing(with this site),an you want the birds to have great health too. I even asked a question because something was just not right with my sweetypie an im in a wheelchair an have epilepsy but I found a vet about 30 mles away,thanks to great friends we got there,she now has a clean bill of health an is back to herself.

I've been fortunate to have an grow up with birds my whole life. When I was a teen I grew esp attatched to one tiel I was the one to wing her,no easy task...she then grew an we were so close an one day she started laying eggs an did'nt stop my parents thought she would be ok , but she was not. She is in birdy heaven, after such a loss I vowed I would'nt have another pet until I knew as much as possible . Thru books,birdy clubs,an this forum,an birdy magazines an wonderful birdy friends I have learned that you can never learn enough,an to be kind,patient,an always set aside money for her an what she needs, an a great vet .

Oct 30, 2010
Yes, many birds need an avian vet
by: Tracie

I agree, and you would not believe how much hate mail I get BECAUSE I suggest they take their birds to an avian vet when they are sick. They think I am supposed to come up with some miracle cure to save them money.

But, please realize too, that many people come here looking for answers and they don't even know avian vets exist. When I got my first bird, I killed it feeding it seeds only and then by giving it an over the counter vitamin suggested by a pet store employee.

My bird's beak kept growing and needing trimmed by a breeder. (Yes, the breeder should have suggested an avian vet.) I had never even heard of Harrison's pellets. I have not had a bird die since switching to Harrison's pellets.

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