I Still Believe in Miracles

by Penny
(Santa Rosa Beach, Fl.)

Blue Front Amazon lost and found in Florida

Blue Front Amazon lost and found in Florida

I Still Believe in Miracles

On June 28th back in 2003 my world fell apart when the love of my life, took flight into the wild blue yonder.

Plato was only a two year old Blue Fronted Amazon parrot. His personality brims over being full of himself, hilariously funny and with a heart too big to fit in his small body. Brilliant with a huge vocabulary, it was he, who flew down and landed upon my chest earlier that year, when I was so sick with pneumonia and asked me quite seriously “are you alright?” And it is he who sings “God is good” to the top of his lungs, in the shower with me, does the “high 4” (parrots only have 4 toes) and exercises as he says “stretch and bend.” He’s my green feathered buddy alright. Now he was gone.

Let me back up just a little bit and tell you how this happened. Plato had his wings clipped and I used to put him on my finger and we’d walk in the yard together. I’d point to all the different colored flowers and say “flower” and he’d say questioningly “flower?” We’d look at the butterflies together and watch the hummingbirds humming around. He was so young; everything was so new and beautiful to him. Then not too long after a trip to the vet and having his wings clipped, the vet told me he wouldn’t be able to fly, but glide to the floor.

I soon discovered that he could still fly and fly he did throughout the whole house landing on my shoulder wherever I would go. After I got him home and we were walking in the yard. I always had one of my fingers encased firmly over two of his toes, just in case he would get excited and fall.

That day, he bit my finger for only a reason that a parrot knows and letting pressure up from his toes, I yelled out a big “ouch.” With that response, he took flight and landed upside down in a gangly tree around the other side of the house. I opened the house door and quickly told my husband that Plato had gotten away and raced around the other side to get him.

I just wasn’t quick enough. He was pitifully hanging there on a gangly branch; upside down looking at me, almost waiting for me to rescue him, but I couldn’t go fast enough to get the ladder and climb up to where he was.

Then, in one quick swoop he flew high up into one of our pine trees. My heart sank. I started to try to woo him with his favorite foods and talk to him as softly as I could. It was all in vain. He had this new found freedom that he didn’t know what to do with it.

I knew one of the most important things to do when your bird gets away is to keep your eyes on him so you will know where he is. Makes sense, right? This doesn’t always work when they take to the sky though.

In the beginning, he stayed close to the woods that are near our home. He lived in tree tops and I would be able to talk to him everyday. Then, one day I climbed a 25ft ladder while he looked puzzled at me and enjoying his noon day shower from the torrent of rain high perching in that Magnolia tree.

With soaked clothes I managed to climb to the top of the ladder, and found I only had about a yard to go, but fear and age just would not allow me to let go and climb up upon the tree branches. Perhaps if I were about 30 years younger I told myself, I would then, spring right up there!

In the meantime, my husband rigged up a pvc pipe with a homemade perch on the end of it and handed it to me. Ingenious, I thought! I slowly moved the perch closer to where Plato was, when he cocked his head looking at this new and strange object. Fear won that test and away he flew onto another high place. Oh, the exasperation and frustration! I tried not to worry about him.

This was a serious thing for me. My bird was flying fearfully. He had this inbred instinct knowing he was a prey bird, so he never stayed long in any place.

I roamed the neighborhood calling for him and talking to people I’d never met before. Next, I put flyers all over our neighborhood, on trees, on fences and on poles. There was even a spot on the local radio asking people to be on the look out for a Blue Fronted Amazon.

Most importantly, I cried out to God with my wounded heart asking Him to please bring Plato back to us. I was greatly concerned about the eagles, hawks, owls and man. I say man, because I know there are those who would keep such a bird for themselves or cash him in.

Then, the rumors started, that he’d been captured. Then, another one about how a little boy found a dead parrot in the woods. Visions of what could have happened brought horrid imaginations to my crying and praying sleepless nights.

When he was living in the woods, I was able to go down and call for him and he’d answer if he were around. He wanted to fly to me as I asked him to “flutter to Mommy” and he’d take off like 60 and then circled high above me saying “hold on!” He didn’t know how to swoop down so low. In the house, he had the ceiling as his boundaries. Now he was flying with the big boys and the sky was his limit.

Then, early in the morning on July 2nd I walked outside my home and called for Plato and he answered me. I was thrilled to think he had gotten enough nerve to leave the security of the glade and nestle across the street from our house.

He’s getting hungry I thought to myself. I had his cage outside so when he was around he could see the food and water. I called for him and he flew over our home landing somewhere in the top of the trees about two streets away. That was the last I saw him or heard him until…

A gentleman vacationing here in Florida had seen one of my flyers called, and said my bird was in a Palm tree in his front yard. If I had my pajamas on I wouldn’t have risked the time to change my clothes. I could hardly contain my excitement, and threw his night cage filled with fresh water and his favorite seeds into my small car.

When I arrived, I didn’t see him at first. Then, my heart lifted as I saw his head bobbing. He wasn’t doing too well. People began coming out from their homes, as a crowd gathered. I found myself, once again climbing a ladder and rested his cage upon a SUV that was parked next to the Palm tree and called for him. At first his head kept nodding. Then, something clicked inside of him. He eyed his cage, the water and oh the glory of those seeds! And, flew to his cage, and went inside and had a feast. I closed the door and cried. Everyone applauded!

Plato was gone for 11 days. In those 11 days I met my whole neighborhood and shook hands with many people who really cared. God not only heard my heart wrenching prayers, but others who cared enough to pray for him. During those 11 days my hope was watered by those people who cared enough to give me encouraging words. Many kept declaring that Plato would be back. They kept saying that, “they just believed that I would have that bird back.”

God answers prayers, but He doesn’t want you to give up! Keep that hope alive inside of you and surround yourself with people who care and believe your answer is “on the way.”

God cares about us. He cares about our hearts and knows exactly what we are to learn when we go through a trial. I believe our trials come to transform us to the nature of His son. Plato was rescued only one day before hurricane Dennis hit our area. I want to shout to the world; “is there anything to big for God?”

Never give up! I still believe in miracles!

Penny Williams

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Mar 24, 2015
dont worry dear
by: steve

My dear Penny, god make us study some lessons in life through these situation. And one day he will make us happy by giving what we have prayed for. That surprise happiness is what he wants us to have. So one day Plato will there at your window calling you for biting your finger again.God bless you my child.

Mar 18, 2011
I Still Believe in Miracles
by: Anonymous

This was a great story, it truly touched my heart. I'm not a bird owner but I can imagine how you felt. When you take on an animal and it
becomes a part of you it's like losing a child. I am a mother of 4 girls who are all gown up now but I know the pain of not knowing where they are and praying for their safe return. Your story touch me so deeply because I had that happen to me with a child of mine. I understand how you would search the neighborhood looking for him because I too did the same except I had to go further. I though all types of things too wondering if she was hurt, hungry or cold, I too prayed and God answered my prayer so I still believe in miracles. God is wonderful
and I'm sure glad He love us enough to care about our hurts and concerns. Happy you got your baby back, I got mine back too, Praise God.

Feb 10, 2010
by: paula

im so glad u got him back,11 days must have been awful,i rescued an orange winged amazon 12 year ago he was in a awful mess chest infection dirty and starving,a lot of tlc and he was the most amazing pet ive ever had,called him ringo,one day had him outside in cage to spray him ,while getting the water he got out through the food pot opening and was sat on top of cage,my heart stopped as i thought he would just fly away,but as soon as he saw me he flew to my head and we went back in to the house,i only felt panic for a few minutes i cant imagaine 11 days,sadly he passed away last year age 15,vet said it probably due to the abuse he had in first 4 years of his life the lack of food could have damaged him inside,i will always be greatful for all the years i had him and know he had a good life with me after the bad start he had ,on that sad note after nearly a year ive just bought a new orange winged amazon named charlie who has bin in a pet shop for two year waiting for somone to love him,got him today,11/02/2010,he 9 year old and since got him home dont think no one has touched him in a long time,poor lad he very scared,only had him for few hours but he now taking food from my hand,good start hahaha long way 2 go,your story touched my heart i love animals as they are true and not hurtful,i think everything happen for a reason xxxxxxxxx paula

Jan 25, 2010
Lucky Lady!
by: Shannon

Wonderful story! You are a very lucky lady!

Jul 26, 2008
Happy endings do come true!
by: Katherine

Your story is amazing and wonderful!!
I just lost my first bird a little grey cockitiel named Jay Jay a little over a week ago. I know exactly what you went threw wondering about the bird out there alone and calling,casing the neighborhood for the bird. I miss my Jay Jay very much; had him for just a year. I am so glad that you were able to get your baby back and who knows maybe Jay Jay will land on my patio soon. I can only hope. I will do better with my new friend Jasper a Dusky Conure.

Jul 24, 2008
Great News!
by: April Shelton

This story made me cry. I am so glad you got your baby back. I imagine there are no more trips outside now. People who are not bird owners have no idea how much apart of the family they do become. My birds are like my children and I love them and take care of them just the same as I do my kids. I would be heart broken if one of my baby's ever got away. Thank God your prayers were answered!

Jul 23, 2008
parrots in the sky
by: Anonymous

I to believe in miracles, but you don't always get what you pray for. My husband had to pull back the tears when I read your story to him. He's a slow learner. We lost a tame male myer's and the very next year we lost a clipped baby cockateil. Both times my husband was involved.

Three seperate occassions we almost lost our big military Zeus that we've had since he was a year old.He's 6 yrars old now and thank God we still have Zeus. Sometimes shere will sends a bird flying in the air. No matter how bonded they may be to their owners, wings clipped or not they still have the instinct for flight. It is a beautiful sight seeing one soar, but I can't stomach free flight at the thought of loosuing my baby.

I'm glad you got yours back. Zeus also has Hera, they to are bonded, but no babies,just lovers.Take care of that blue front ,he seems to be a cutie and smart! Wonder somrtimes if the birds that end up in the sky get good homes. I like to think that God helps them with that. I would be grief stricken if I lost a bird.I can't imagine how my husband felt. He stayed out till 2:30am calling that meyers! Good luck and be careful outside!

Jul 19, 2008
Blue Fronted Amazon lost then found
by: Tracie

This is such a great story! A good lesson for people too, never take your bird outside without a flight suit, harness or cage.

I am so glad you got your bird back. What a sweetie is.

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