I think my bird my be pregnant

by Brandi
(sparks nv)

I got two sun conures yesterday, and I have noticed that the female has a big chest, I was wondering if that was where they carry thier eggs or if I should take her to the vet, she doesn't seem sick, but when she flys she is heavy and cant get far, her wings are not cliped. Thank u

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Apr 23, 2008
New bird - big chest
by: Tracie


Your bird is likely overweight. It is best, as Marcia mentioned, to take your birds to an avian vet if at all possible either before or soon after bringing them to your home.

If the birds have been on an all seed diet, you will need to work at getting them to accept healthy food and possibly pellets if you can not get them to eat a balanced diet.

We have an article about switching birds to pellets in our parrot training articles. You can use the same principle for getting them to eat healthy food also.

We feed our birds only organic pellets in the morning and do not give them any seed until the evening. This encourages them to eat the pellets. We do share a small amount of our healthy table food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The evening meal is when they also get a large portion of fresh veggies.

Even though they don't eat something now, don't give up. Our Budgie had the opposite problem, our breeder weaned him on pellets. It took us a year of putting seed in his dish every day before he ate seeds.

Apr 23, 2008
I think my bird my be pregnant
by: Marcia

The normal thing to to when you first purchase a bird(s) is to take them to an avian vet for a wellness check up.That way you will know the health of the bird(s) that you purchased.Birds do not carry eggs in their chest.If she doesn't seem to be right you should take them to an avian vet.
Birds don't show signs of illness until it's too late because when they are out in the wild the weaker ones are usually killed.I hope this helps you.

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