I think my cockatiel has conjunctivitis, please help me.

by Bobbi Summers
(New Zealand)

the really bad eye (left eye)

the really bad eye (left eye)

the really bad eye (left eye)
the other eye (right eye)
the really bad eye again (left eye)

Hi, I have a Lutino cockatiel who is around 2years old (I think) & she has a problem with her eyes. it started a while ago now, they started to look quite red & even cloudy at times. then she started getting red swelling around the top of the eye. it came & went for a while & because Ive never owned a bird before I wasn't sure if this was normal. then just recently it has gotten very bad. she has always sneezed quite a bit but lately shes sneezing a lot more, rubbing her eyes & face a lot & one eye is now almost covered in the red swelling & I tried feeding her a few recipes (puffed rice, she loves them) this morning as a treat but she couldn't even get them out of my fingers as she was at least a cm off. She cant even seem to close her eye lids properly anymore & she seems to have clipped one of her eyes last night as I noticed when I uncovered her this morning that its bleeding or seeping. I'm so worried about her but I just don't know what to do.

I rung the local vet yesterday & I've booked her in this afternoon but her seemed very reluctant to see a bird & the last small animal i took there (our pet mouse) had a rash they could fix so they put him down. I'm so worried that they wont be able to help her or even know anything about whats wrong as most the vets her don't really see birds & I cant find a bird vet anywhere.

I feed her a mix of cockatiel & budgie seed as that's all she will eat & she has fresh water every other day & honey bells & hulled oats & I clean her cage (which is huge) often. She wont go near fresh food at all, she acts as if she is scared of it, i tried for months on end & got no where. I got given her over a year ago now & when I first got her she had been seriously neglected & she was quite ill, she had basically been left to eat her own poo which was a habit that took me a long time to change. But she is now usually healthy & happy. At first she wouldn't go near anyone & she would hiss & try to bite. But now she squawks if I leave the room & gets really excited when I uncover her in the morning. She loves me just as much as I love her & I just want her to feel better again.

I read this morning that I should be putting vitamins in her water? & that it may be an infection. I looked at photos of conjunctivitis & it looks like what she has so I'm thinking it could be that. If so is there something that I can give her that may clear it up or anything that i can do to help her? I'm hoping the vet will give me something but I'm really worried that he wont know how to help.

Any advice or help that you could give me would be a great help, thank you.

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Dec 14, 2017
Treating my cocktail
by: Anonymous

Dr.. My cocktail had a light pink . eye...around the eye lids.....and its seems to be half eye close open....... So we had treated..., we have wiped her eyes with warm water....., n had put eye drops....,
And a vitamin...bird plus......

Is that a correct procedure..... How long it can take to cure...Dr.

Jun 23, 2017
Treatment information.
by: Peter cockatol owner

What is the name of the cream you was givern by your vet.

Aug 06, 2013
possible solution
by: Anonymous

Try taking the whole cage including the bird up into the bath tub. Set shower head onto mild setting and temp lukewarm. Pass this over the birds head with a view to washing some of it out of his eye. WARNING DO NOT BLAST HIS EYE OTHERWISE YOU MAY DO MORE DAMAGE THEN GOOD. You could try reboumding the water off a tile onto him.. Might as well shower the whole bird and cage. Repeat daily for a week and let us know how you get on. My cocktail loves the shower. He just sits on my finger and spreads his wings out while I do the rest. Lazy so and so never took to the bird bath lol.

Jan 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

Most probably its chlamydia...

Sep 19, 2011
Its been a while...
by: Isabella

I know this question was on july, but if she hasn't got any better, you should try this website http://www.avianweb.com/avianconjunctivitis.html

I hope she's okay!

Jul 09, 2011
Bird with conjunctivitis
by: The Avian Vet

Do not use vitamins in the water. It will not help and may cause additional health problems, in particular bacterial infections.

The conjunctivitis must be treated with eye drops and maybe systemic antibiotics.

Dr B

Jul 06, 2011
After vet visit...
by: Bobbi Summers

I took her to the vet. He agreed that he thinks its conjunctivitis. He gave me some cream that I have to put on the really bad eye 6 times a day for up to 15days. I'm seriously struggling to do this as catching her is almost impossible as she clings to the cage & I just cant get her off. Ive managed to do it 2 times today so far but she is now hiding in the corner from me & hissing when I go near the cage :-( & from what I can tell the cream is just to help heal where shes been rubbing it, but not at all to deal with the conjuntivitis. So please can someone tell me what I can use to get rid of it. Should I try to get some vitamins to put in her water? will that even help? or will it just heal on its own? I just want her to be better again.

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