I think my quaker parrot is afraid of the dark.

by skylar
(New York)

my Quaker parrot sits at the top of his cage all night i think he is afraid of the dark he's very active during the day and very healthy and friendly he even makes noises he cant talk yet he's very young 5 months old can u help me?

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Sep 18, 2011
I think my quaker parrot is afraid of the dark.
by: Linda

Your bird is not afraid of the dark because they need about 12 hours of darkness in order to get proper rest and sleep. He is afraid of something in the dark maybe. If you have cats or other pets, he may be afraid of them with good reason.

You can start to help him by using a light cover over cage at night. Covering birds gives them a more safe feeling, and they sleep better. Leave the bottom open a few inches for air circulation. You can also put a small nightlite in his sleeping area. We use the kind that plug in and are light sensitive. They come on automatically when it gets dark and go off when it is light. They also put off only a faint greenish light which does not keep birds awake. A regular night lite with a bulb will keep him awake, so use the kind I described, and they can be found in all department stores, home improvement stores and so on.

If you have cats, they may be bothering him during the night, so make sure that is not happening. Have his cage placed high up enough so cats cannot get to him by either jumping on a piece of furniture or climbing up. Cats are hunters, and birds are their prey, so it's normal for a bird to be afraid of a cat and sometimes dogs too.

Let us know how covering your bird and providing a low light nightlight works out for you.

Thanks for writing,

Sep 17, 2011
quaker parrot
by: Anonymous

Alot of parrots sleep on the highest perches in their cages, as this is what they do in the wild. Whether they are raised in captivity or not, they still have a wild instinct. They sleep in high trees as not to be vulnerable to predators.

I would say this is normal behaviour.

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