I think she has the sniffles. :-)

by Steve
(Surprise, Arizona)

I was holding my missy, (lesser sulfer crested cockatoo) and she sounded like she had water or some kind of moisture in her airway when she took a deep breath..

Should i be worried??

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Nov 10, 2010
I think she has the sniffles. :-)
by: Linda

Hi and thanks for writing. Your bird needs to go to an Avian Vet as soon as you can get her there. She has an infection which will turn into pneumonia if left untreated. Anytime you hear a bird having trouble breathing or hear clicking or other indications of fluid in the lungs, your bird is on the way to serious trouble. Birds do not just "get over" these infections until they are diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet. This could be either a bacterial or viral infection, and the only one qualified to diagnose and treat either one is an Avian Vet.If left untreated, it will turn into pneumonia, bird will go off feed and will be history in a short period of time. Birds this sick must have the proper medical services as this is a serious situation you have here. You may still have to handfeed her baby parrot handfeeding formula if she goes off feed at any time. This is done using either a spoon or a syringe. Since most older birds bite the tips off syringes, a regular teaspoon with the edges bent up creating a funnel like shape will work well. Make sure edges are sanded down smooth. If she does require this handfeeding, you can ONLY use baby parrot formula as it will provide everything she needs a few times a day. This would actually be force feeding once she is sick enough to stop eating and drinking, and she will not want to eat anything. You'll need another person to help hold bird while you feed her. I hope it does not come to this, but these chest infections get bad quickly.

I believe Tracie gave you a link for help in finding a Avian Vet in your area, and you must be willing to drive to wherever one is located as regular dog and cat vets cannot diagnose or treat birds as they are not licensed and trained to do so.The best source of information is your phone book as some regular dog and cat practices also have an Avian Vet there, and this will show in their ads or you can call. DO NOT TAKE HER TO A REGULAR DOG AND CAT VET AS THEY WILL END UP KILLING HER.


Nov 06, 2010
Bird with moisture in airway
by: Tracie

If this is always present, then I would be concerned. Dr B can not help, because he can't examine your bird. Please take your bird to an avian vet once a year for a well exam and vaccination.

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