I think that birds faces show emotion- am I correct?

by Christina
(Victoria, Australia)

Hello, how are you going? My name is Christina and I live in Australia. When I look at my birds, I can see emotions on their faces. Like, I can tell when they are happy because their face seems like they are smiling. Like on all the photos of all the birds that you have on top of this page, it looks like they are all happy and smiling. And when a bird is sad you can tell too as they have a sad look on their face, and when you take them to the avian vet and they get better, their face looks happy again. My boyfriend thinks I am being silly. He reckons you can't tell a birds mood by its face. I think he is wrong . What do you think?

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Jul 31, 2010
Thanks heaps for that
by: Christina

Hello, and thanks heaps for your answers, I do appreciate it a lot :-) I would love to come for a cuppa and a chat, but I live in Australia, so I am far away from everyone! Thanks heaps for the kind offer though :-)

Jul 30, 2010
Bird faces show emotion
by: Anonymous

This is so true, I know when my bird is happy and contented, it does show in their faces and body language.

Jul 30, 2010
I think that birds faces show emotion- am I correct?
by: Linda

Christina, you are absolutely correct that birds show their emotions in their faces. I believe it is with their eyes and how they are holding their heads and bodies. Sometimes the color of faces change in birds who have clean faces. In other words, we are able to "read" the bird by looking at eyes, head and body. Their faces don't have the ability to wrinkle up in a smile like ours does or even a dog, but you are seeing your bird as a whole being from top to bottom, and yes they smile, frown, get furious, look sick, become lonely, terrified, just afraid, in pain and even spoiled. All these emotions are not only clearly exhibited, but are felt as deeply as any human beings' emotions are felt. Birds are very complicated emotional/mental beings wrapped up in a smaller, colorful package.

Tell your boyfriend that you really are seeing your bird smile, and I'm glad he is smiling. I've had birds for most of my getting longer life, and their features can run the entire gamut of emotions, sometimes all in the same day.

Thanks SO much for writing, and drop in anytime for a cuppa and a chat,


Jul 30, 2010
Bird smiles
by: Mary Ann

I so so agree. I can take one look at mine and know if they are in a sweet and loving mood, or a little cranky pants. Its just like having human kids....one look is usually enough. Interesting observation...thanks for posting. :-)

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