I want to get a male Blue-Crowned baby Conure

by Subhan

Do you know any breeders in Illinois that carry them but kind of cheap because the most I can pay is 350-400 please HELP!!!!

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Sep 10, 2010
I want to get a male Blue-Crowned baby Conure
by: Linda

No, offhand I don't know of any breeders anywhere, and you can do a search on the internet for Blue Crown Conure breeders in Illinois and see what comes up. A word of caution here is that you need to be able to go to the breeder's facility and get your baby bird. It is imperative that you see how this baby's parents and all the other birds are living before buying from anyone.

Also, it is a good idea to already have an Avian Vet ready to check your baby bird out, and this could be done BEFORE you buy bird. If the breeder is not willing to do this, then you will need to move onto one who is.

Also, make very sure that you learn how to handfeed your baby bird while at the breeder's because even those considered weaned revert back to infantile behaviors once they are moved into a new home and are under such stress. Weaning is a process, and cannot be started before about 8 weeks of age, and then be prepared to handfeed your baby with baby parrot handfeeding formula at leasst twice a day for a while. The handfeeding formula is found here, and you have to learn the skill of handfeeding with a syringe or you risk aspirating the baby. You'll also want to wean your baby to a high quality organic pellet like Harrisons which is also found here. You need to do lots of study before even thinking of starting your search for a bird. Buy a few books, look into how much large cages cost and find natural branch safe wood perches so bird does not have to stand on the dowels that come with cage. So, start your study about the Blue Crowns and go from there. Once you are ready, and that means cage is completely set up, handfeeding formula and syringes are on hand and you have your organic pellets grind size for your size bird, then you may be ready to start your search for a bird. All of these areas need to be covered before looking for a bird because the money you have on hand is just a portion of what it is going to cost to set your bird up correctly with a large roomy cage, toys, perches and food that is of high quality. Seeds are NOT a high quality diet, and bird will have many physical problems due to the lack of nutrition in them.

You have much to think about here, so get busy with your homework and look for the bird when you are really ready.


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