i want to to how can i care about parrots eggs

by sarah zainuddin halai

i have a green pakitani parrot at my home ihad put her in cage my parrot had given eggs since two years but parrots babies r not comming out its experied so today she had gave egg i dont know how to care parrots egg plz give me a suggestion i will bevery thankfull to u

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Apr 23, 2009
very urgent need answer
by: Anonymous

i have a pair of love birds, i noticed 04 eggs in a flower vase, since the parrott has a large cage and an open screened lanai, so i put the flower vase with eggs inside the cage, noted the girl parrott is not sitting on it anymore. what can i do?

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Mar 13, 2009
by: sarah zainuddin.halai

i had last year a male parrot bird to but he died he got bird flue & my female parrot had given eggs recntly but she is not sitting properly on her eggs i dont know how will the parrots baby comes out she was giving eggs since two years but her eggs were expired

Mar 10, 2009
by: Judy

First of all is there a male bird involved? I ask that because if a male bird is not with the female, the egg will not hatch. Female birds can lay eggs at anytime. My love bird layed eggs with no male present. The male is the one who fertilizes the eggs. Everytime my love bird would lay eggs, I would have to remove them because the bird would become very aggressive and bite me. Once removed no problem. If you have a fertile egg it will take about 28 days to hatch but like I say that's only if a male is present. The female will take care of the baby. Make sure there is always fresh water and seed avalible.

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