i want to train my sun conure to fly outside

I have seen many examples of birds flying outside with their owners supervising, and i am on the fence about training my bird to fly outside and come back. My opinion is that i should treat my bird like a friend and not an inferior and i know once she can fly she will want to. My ideal pet bird would be able to fly around and when i say come after about an hour she will come and in that way get exercise and enrichment.

Now a question is would predators try and attack her if she stays close to me because in my experiance the cats and animals always stay away when im around, is that true with hawks?

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Aug 26, 2014
Joined the "Lose Your Bird outdoors Club"
by: Anonymous

Got the medal for that one!Now I'm starting over with a new Sun named Mango :)

Jan 01, 2011
outdoor flights for sun conures
by: neeraj hatekar

I suppose Linda is right.But I have a pair of hand raised baby suns (with slightly trimmed wings) who enjoy sitting outside on our balcony. I take them about 20 meters from home and they immediately fly back ( they have a very slight wing trim, so cant get altitude).That way, they get plenty of exercise and get to enjoy the outdoors. Predators are a concern though.

Oct 17, 2010
Hawk Attack
by: Oscar

Hawks will not stay away. I lost my Meyer's parrot to a hawk in my backyard when I took him out.

Aug 12, 2010
i want to train my sun conure to fly outside
by: Linda

Sorry, but this is out of the question with most parrots. Not only will they not come back when you call, but most likely they will not come back at all. Parrots are exotic wild animals, and even if they are handfed babies, they are STILL exotic wild animals and will act like it all during their lives.

You cannot train them to come when called unless you are working first inside a large, closed space somewhere. Anyone who trains birds always starts INSIDE before even thinking of going outside. The chances of a parrot flying off, getting lost and dying are extremely high.

As for predators, any and everything larger than your conure will be looking to attack it. This includes larger song birds, but especially includes the entire crow family and all hawks and falcons. As for ground predators, they are too numerous to count, so I won't.

You will need to spend enormous amounts of time training bird inside a large enclosure before ever going outside. Do not even take your bird outside on your shoulder unless his wings are clipped because if he becomes startled by something, he can fly away before you even know what is happening. The conures are built for long, swift flights, and by the time he rests, he will be lost with no way to get home.Yes, parrots in the wild fly long distances from home and come back, BUT pet parrots are kept in an unnatural environment with humans and will not react to this kind of thing as you may wish. Flying is important for exercise and peace of mind. Get him or build him a large flight cage, so he can fly from one side to the other and from front to back to his heart's content. This is much more practical than taking him outside as outside is full of danger in many forms.


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