iching of ringneck parrot

by waqas

I have ringneck parrot, 5 years old. he rubbed his face with the cage so baldy that i fear, he may injured. iching is only around his beak and face. kindl help me/

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Mar 31, 2010
by: waqas

Thank you Linda for your suggestion. In Pakistan, there is no avian expert.I have consulted more than vets n they all are xperts of dogs and cats. know nothing about parrots. i am worried about my parrot. but i am hopeful because, he is active and eat well.

Mar 25, 2010
iching of ringneck parrot
by: Linda

YOUR BIRD NEEDS TO BE TAKEN INTO AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR DRIVING AREA AS THIS COULD BE SEVERAL THINGS. iT COULD BE A PARASITE LIKE A MITE, OR IT COULD BE A FUNGAL INFECTION OR EVEN A BACTERIAL INFECTION. Whatever it is will have to be diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet. DO NOT USE ANY OVER THE COUNTER MEDS EVEN ONES YOU MAY FIND IN A PET STORE AND DO NOT USE ANY HOME REMEDIES. We and you do not know what this is, and until it is identified anything used can do a lot of harm and no good at all.

The only way to handle this is to find out what it is and have it treated with specific medicine for the specific problem. Only an Avian Vet can treat birds, so stay away from dog and cat vets as they do not know how to treat birds and are not licensed to do so in any event.

Thanks for writing,

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