Ichy blue front

by Georgia Harris

Hi I have a blue fronted amazon and the last few days he hasnt stoped scratching and picking his back. I am worried he has caught fleas as i went to a friend of mine and her dog and 2 cats all habe fleas... please help!

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Mar 07, 2014
by: Anonymous

you can purchase Ivermectin thru allbirdproductscom. Instead of having to go to a vet if indeed your bird has mites. then you will need to treat the cage nest box and surrounding with an avian insect liquidator cleaning solution which you can also purchase thru allbirdproducts.com you give ivermectin in their water and then treat again in 14 days. the insect liquidator should be used every time cleaning your cage it is safe to their food and water and non toxic and you will also want to spray them with it. Hope this helps it worked for my 2 african treys.

Editor's note: A strong word of caution, you had better know the exact weight of your bird and KNOW that your bird is healthy too! Why risk killing your bird? Take your bird to an avian vet.

Feb 11, 2014
Itchy bird - fleas?
by: Tracie

It is likely dry skin, it could be a bacterial infection or something else though. I suggest you take your bird to an avian vet (bird vet) so your bird can get some relief.

Avian vet's response to another person concerned about fleas:

Fleas do not get on parrots. If you see bugs ON your bird it is probably mites.

For treatment of mites on your bird, see an avian veterinarian for a prescribed medication called ivermectin.

Dr B

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