If My Sunconure becomes egg bound again what would the options be?

by Jenni Roberts
(Mundaring Western Australia)

I have a 2 year old Sunconure pair. 6 months ago the hen laid her first set of four eggs and sat well until she was disturbed. She left the eggs which were fertile.

Four weeks later she layed two eggs and then became egg bound on the third. I had her treated by a avairian vet and after a little while she recovered.

Eight weeks later she became egg bound again and was again treated by a vet. This time they treated her with hormone injections and suggested I change her diet from seed and fruit to pellets and fruit. She wont eat her pellets dry so I soak them in water and roll them in little balls with some seed. This she will eat.

3 months on and the pair have started spending a lot of time in the nest and the male is getting aggresive again. I would like to know what my options are if she becomes egg bound again. I cann't continue to watch her suffer while trying to breed and I can not continue to pay out over $200 every time she becomes egg bound.

Is sterilizing an option as they are a lovely loving pair. What would that do to there relationship ? Would it be possible to introduce another female and have two hens and one cock? I would appreciate any help and information. I love this little pair and am willing to try anything to keep them happy and healthy together.

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Mar 25, 2009
Egg binding problems
by: The Vet

You should not introduce another hen. Sterilizing her is an option, but it is costly and has risks of death during anesthesia, but is not impossible. It will not affect their relationship.

I would recommend that you do whatever it takes to get her eating pellets. Wetting them and rolling them in seeds is not going to work. This will encourage bacterial growth in the food and cause infection and she is going to pick out the seeds and leave the pellet mush.

Read the Switching Birds to Pellets article. That will help you switch her if you follow the instructions exactly. Unless she is spayed, or you use regular hormone injections, she is going to continue to lay eggs, and as long as she is eating seeds and not pellets she is going to be egg bound every time she lays.

If she is eating healthy pellets like Harrison's, that is not going to happen unless there is some anatomical abnormality that causes the egg binding (but likely not).

Dr. B

P.S. Another article to read would be Chronic Egg Laying in our Parrot Training section.

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