Ill Alexandrine parakeet

by Rajat

My bird is having unusual water-like droppings. She lacks energy( can not fly or walk) Please suggest the right diet for her.

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Sep 16, 2009
Alex Parakeet
by: Linda

We will address the issue of feeding in a second. FIRST, YOUR BIRD IS ILL WITH A BACTERIAL INFECTION AND NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION FROM AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR AREA. Once she is well, here is the kind of diet all parrots should be on for all their lives.

Harrison's makes organic, cold extruded pellets that are high quality and because of the cold extrusion method of making them retain their vitamins and minerals. Tracie carries them out here as well as a Birdy Bread Mix they make which will help with changing your bird over to pellets. The changeover is not done all at once, but the end result is to STOP FEEDING SEEDS and seed mixes as this keeps the bird from getting all it needs.

Follow directions on packages and use the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor in the Birdy Bread mix. My Amazons love the Birdy Bread and have been eating Harrisons pellets for many, many years. We have very few trips to the vet because of illness because they are eating a well balanced, high quality diet. The pellets MAY sound expensive at first, and you can take money you DON'T spend on vet bills to the bank, so feed your bird the very best food you can find, and you will then be doing all you can do to ensure your bird's health and well-being which is EVERY bird owner's first and foremost responsibility.

Let us know what vet had to say, as this sounds like a bacterial infection. Thank You for writing, as your question, vet's answer, and how bird does on new food will help other people with their birds, so let us know, please.


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